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Are you applying for a loan? Check how to complete the application correctly!

Nowadays, getting a loan online is very easy. However, it is worth taking this topic seriously, i.e. find the best-suited offer and complete the loan application correctly. We suggest how to do it.

Are loan applications different?

Are loan applications different?

You can find hundreds of online loan offers, which is why it is so important to find a good offer that is tailored to our needs and possibilities. Fortunately, with Solcredit finding a proper loan is quick and easy, as you will learn, among others, on the portal, where you can find a review about us.

The loan applications of individual companies are similar, but not identical. However, you only need a little focus to submit a loan application correctly.

Filling out the loan application step by step

Generally, completing the loan application starts by selecting:

The type of loan, i.e. whether the loan is to be a payday loan or installment loan

The amount you want to borrow

Loan repayment deadline

Then enter basic personal data such as name, surname, address, and ID card number. You may also be asked about the form of employment, sources and amount of income and expenses, as well as the number of dependents, marital status, etc. In order to grant a loan, the company may also ask for an employer.

So if you want to borrow online, you need to provide a certain amount of information. It is worth remembering, however, that online loan companies usually ask far fewer questions than e.g. banks. The information they ask for is needed to correctly assess the possibility of granting a given loan, which is in the interest of both the lender and the borrower.

Filling out the application is simple and quick, so you only need a few moments to complete it. However, before submitting the application, it is worth reviewing it and making sure that it does not contain errors or typos.

Why do loan companies require a verification transfer?

Why do loan companies require a verification transfer?

The last step required by loan companies to allocate a loan is usually the implementation of the so-called verification transfer. It consists in the fact that the borrower sends a symbolic amount of money, e.g. one penny, to the lender’s bank account.

The purpose of the verification transfer is to ensure the security of the borrower and the lender by confirming the identity of the applicant for the loan. Were it not for this transfer, your identity would have to be confirmed at the lender’s stationary outlet, which would reduce comfort and extend the time to apply for a loan. If the data from the loan application match those of the person sending the verification transfer, then the loan company is certain that the funds from the loan will go to the right person.

Contrary to appearances, the verification transfer is very important and, in fact, makes it easier to apply for a loan. Under no circumstances should you be afraid of its execution as long as the amount of the transfer is a symbolic amount.

What mistakes should be avoided when completing the loan application?

What mistakes should be avoided when completing the loan application?

When completing a loan application, there are a few things to look out for in order to avoid mistakes that may occur frequently. So you should:

Fill out the application on the basis of documents, so instead of entering data from memory, a better idea would be to rewrite them from your ID card.

Provide true data, even if you have debt, because loan companies grant loans even to people with debts, however, providing false information may result in rejection of your application.

Carefully check the correctness of the data, in particular the bank account number.

So just stick to a few simple rules to properly complete the application and have the chance to get a fast and attractive online loan.

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