Bad credit payday loans online -Try our payday loans for people with bad credit

Bad credit payday loans online -Try our payday loans for people with bad credit

Try our payday loans for people with bad credit

Payday loans for people with bad credit via journey are an alternative to bank loans not only in terms of lower requirements and increased availability. An even greater advantage for all customers, even those who meet the strict requirements of banks, is the exceptional simplicity, speed of obtaining a loan and the possibility of obtaining money without certificates. Sometimes, however, this certificate will be needed. It is worth being prepared for any situation and finding out what documents certifying income, if necessary, the lender will accept.

Most lenders who provide financing online do not require any certification, even if the applicant applies for an installment loan, sometimes a multi-annual commitment. Much depends on the company’s policy, but in general, the need to provide certificates is the exception rather than the rule.

An online payday loan is rather so-called a loan on a statement or, in other words, an income declaration. The applicant’s creditworthiness examination is not carried out on the basis of certificates, but on the basis of information entered in the loan application. It can be said that the lender takes his client’s word and accepts for real data that will be entered in the application – that is, the place and type of employment, achieving other types of income and their amount. However, you have to be on your guard, because a lie, if it comes out, can even lead to accusations of fraud and extortion, and even imprisonment.

Identity card as a basis for taking a loan

Although there is no need to provide certificates in online payday loans, we will not receive a loan without any documents. The basis for receiving the commitment is an ID card. For this reason, payday loans are also referred to as loans for proof. It is not necessary to have this proof in a physical sense or to send scans of the document – the lender will be enough with the data it contains, i.e. the number and series of the document, PESEL number, registered address. Of course, the document should be current and keep the expiry date at least for the entire duration of the commitment.

Remember that it cannot be any other identity card, such as a passport or a driving license. Based on the information contained in the ID card, the loan company then has the option of legally identifying the borrower in order to assert any claims.

In what situations can the lender request a certificate?

As detailed earlier, the presentation of the certificate is an occasional situation. It only occurs in situations where the lender has doubts about the veracity of the information entered in the application. Sometimes the amount of the applicant’s income or his actual employment or generating income outside of work – e.g. social benefits, unemployment benefits, property rental contracts, etc. may seem suspicious.

What certificates can I provide to receive a payday?

Income statements will not be necessary if we use the services of a company that uses an instant application such as Instantor or Kontomatik to verify identity. Such applications, after logging in to the customer’s electronic banking, gain access not only to the account holder data but also to the transaction history of the last 3 months (which is why in some loan companies it is necessary to have an active bank account for that time).

Even if the verification was carried out by means of a verification transfer, the applicant for a loan still has the option of solving the case in the simplest way – i.e. confirming his income with a bank account statement in .pdf format, which shows both the amount of remuneration and the name of the employer (or paying authority disability, retirement or other benefits).

However, if we do not want to send an account statement, we can use other documents. They will be:

  • an employment contract or appropriate confirmation of employment from the employer;
  • mandate contract;
  • the contract for specific work, preferably as current as possible or as many contracts as possible;
  • entry in the CEIDG about conducting a business activity or a monthly income declaration;
  • last pension or retirement pension slip;
  • the decision to grant an annuity with a clear indication of how long it will last;
  • certificate from the employment office on receiving unemployment benefits;
  • certificate from ZUS about receiving maternity or sickness benefit;
  • certificate from the Social Welfare Center about social benefits taken from the appropriate branch of the center that pays benefits;
  • certificate of collecting maintenance (if it is paid from the maintenance fund).

The presentation of the certificate has one advantage over the instant application. We can then confirm our income, but we do not need to provide the entire transaction history from the bank account, including our private purchases or bills. However, this requires much more effort – it is the borrower who must decide whether to put his own convenience over anonymity or vice versa. However, we can assure you that no data that will be downloaded from the borrower’s bank account will be processed (except for creditworthiness testing) or stored.