Seniors are sidelined at the banks. Many older people have substantial assets. In addition to a good and sufficient pension, there is often real estate or other security. The approval criteria of the German banks would have actually met senior citizens. Nevertheless, banks do not like to see seniors as customers. Wealth doesn’t matter here, […]

The loan application process requires us to specify in which period we will pay off all loan installments. Depending on whether they are payday, we can have it a month, or even years, when it comes to mortgages or secured loans. The decision we make when signing the loan agreement will have consequences lasting many […]

As with any type of service, even when you are looking for a loan , surely the first thing that matters is having a quote. In this way you will know immediately how many expenses you will have to face, the interest rates and the exact amount of the installment to be repaid monthly, to […]