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Loans, the quotes are free or do I have to pay?

As with any type of service, even when you are looking for a loan , surely the first thing that matters is having a quote. In this way you will know immediately how many expenses you will have to face, the interest rates and the exact amount of the installment to be repaid monthly, to be prepared and avoid surprises. But the loan quotes are free or have to pay for them?

The answer to this question obviously changes a lot the way research is addressed. But first of all let’s see how the process of obtaining a quote works .

By submitting a request to a credit institution , this will proceed to verify your creditworthiness and your financial situation , reconstructing your banking history and consulting databases to formulate a personalized quote accordingly. In fact, depending on your profile and the assessment of what may be ” risk factors “, the bank or financial institution may ask you for greater guarantees or slightly higher interests. Since some assessments require in-depth studies, it is logically questionable whether the loan quotes are free or paid .

Are loan quotes free?

Are loan quotes free?

Yes, loan quotes are free . In this way you can compare different solutions and find the one that best suits you. Paying every single quote would be a limiting condition, which would allow you to consult only the offer of a few credit institutions, and not have a complete idea of ​​the market.

You may be wondering how loan quotes are free , since, as we said, they require an analysis of the applicant’s profile and therefore involve costs for the bank or financial.

Any charges and preliminary costs are included in the loan installment , therefore they will not be paid in advance, but only if you decide to accept the credit institution’s proposal and continue with the loan request .

However, even if the loan quotes are free , it is good to know that not everyone can get one. Why is it useful to know? This will allow you first of all to save time and energy, avoiding to send requests that would not be accepted a priori. Furthermore, when a loan application is refused by the finance company, you risk being reported in the database . Let’s see then, who can request a quote ?

Who can request free loan quotes?

Who can request free loan quotes?

Each credit institution applies its own selection criteria as regards the disbursement of loans , which generally also vary greatly according to the type of credit product .

In any case, demonstrable income is required for almost all types of financing , for example even small loans for the purchase of household appliances or technology. Generally the unemployed are excluded in any case, as they do not provide any guarantee that they can repay the loan and therefore high risk for the bank.

The matter changes if you are reported as bad payers . Also in this case it will not be possible to obtain a free loan estimate , as it is not accessible funding for those with a report in the database. But there are solutions.

In particular, the market offers a product, which is spreading more and more for its convenience , ease of obtaining (but also to overcome the problems just mentioned). In this case the installment is deducted directly from the applicant’s salary (or pension) and the amount cannot exceed one fifth of the income. This solution is dedicated to employees (both public and private sector) and retirees .

Free estimate: better online or in the branch?

Free estimate: better online or in the branch?

Online funding applications are increasing. In fact, the possibility of obtaining a free quote directly from your PC or smartphone is certainly much more convenient than having to go to the branch. Today most of the major Italian banks and financial companies allow not   only to request a free loan quote , but also to subscribe and manage it entirely online.

One of the particularly appreciated aspects of online loans is undoubtedly the possibility of saving . In fact, the procedures are more streamlined, and the absence of some ancillary expenses, provided instead for traditional loans, allow financial and banks to apply more attractive interest rates.

The online offer also has an advantage for those who need an urgent loan, as the timing is definitely faster. In fact in many cases, especially for small amounts under 5,000 dollars, it is possible to obtain the desired liquidity within 24/48 hours from sending the request.

Online loans also guarantee compliance with high security standards and an in- depth analysis of the applicant’s financial situation before the desired amount is disbursed.

Beware of scams!

Beware of scams!

Especially when it comes to the internet , the risk of running into scams should not be underestimated   it is good to move carefully and take precautions for your own safety .

First of all it is necessary to carefully check the identity of our interlocutor. There is no trust in those who do not use official channels or are unclear about the nature of their company. Furthermore, he always checks the existence of: a physical location in Italy , a valid telephone number and an updated and functioning website .

In general, it is absolutely not recommended to send personal documents and especially money in advance . As we said the loan quotes are free , anyone who asks to send money before being able to proceed with the request for financing, for alleged registrations to this or that ministry of finance is to be wary, it is almost certainly a scam !

How to get free loan quotes online?

How to get free loan quotes online?

Comparing the conditions of the different online loans on the market is certainly the best way to identify the most convenient financing solution.

Using an online comparator such as Good Finance can make your search much faster and more effective, allowing you to find the most advantageous and suitable online loan in just a few clicks!

In fact, in this way you can compare the various offers free of major Italian banks and financial and calculate directly online   the installments of your loan.

By entering your parameters, you will get a free and well-detailed loan quote , with the amount of interest and preliminary costs . Once you have chosen the formula that best suits you based on your needs, you just have to click to send a request.

Our service does not require any additional cost for the customer, neither in advance nor included in the installment!

A further advantage of Good Finance is the guarantee that the credit institutions you will contact are among the main in Italy , registered in the official registers and controlled by the Bank of Italy: send your request safely and without worries!

In addition, your personal information will be treated with the highest security standards and according to the current privacy regulations (you can check the privacy regulations here.

Avoid nasty surprises, get a completely free loan quote and choose the best offer for you!

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