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Online Mortgage Comparison: All You Need To Know


Whether you want to buy the house of your dreams, renew its look, or you want to get more advantageous conditions for your mortgage, it is an important research that should not be underestimated: a good comparison of online mortgages could save you thousands of dollars over the years. In fact, just by taking a quick look on the internet, you will have realized that there are many offers and orientation is not always easy: as we said, the comparison of online mortgages is the best way to find the most convenient and suitable solution. for your needs.

Let’s see what you should consider and how to compare mortgages online in the most effective, safe and fast way.

Mortgage interest rates down

Mortgage interest rates down

If you are looking for a mortgage, this is the right time. In fact, mortgage rates are falling sharply, even below 1%, both regards the Fixed and Variable rates.

As you can imagine, with these conditions, last month was marked by a surge in requests, both for those looking for a mortgage, but especially those of subrogation.

In October, some lenders returned to offer 100% mortgages, with extremely low rates, which are around 2.5% (we realize the convenience when compared to the past, when they even exceeded 4%), and without the need to resort to the First Home Guarantee Fund.

Online mortgage comparison: find the most suitable product

Online mortgage comparison: find the most suitable product

The mortgages available on the market are many, and there are many customized products for every need. By comparing mortgages online you can choose the purpose of your mortgage, decide the parameters that interest you and immediately see the products available to you.

First home loan

It is certainly one of the most common types. Specifically aimed at those who are not yet owners, for the purchase of the first home. It can be fixed rate, floating rate, cap rate, mixed rate.

Generally the most requested is a fixed rate, which is established at the signing of the contract; in this way the amount of the installment that you will pay for the entire duration of the loan is constant (which does not happen with the variable rate).

Liquidity mortgage

The liquidity loan is a particular form of financing that allows you to obtain a large sum on loan (generally from 30,000 dollars upwards), but not linked to the purchase of a property: in fact, it is not necessary to specify its destination. Many use this type of loan to face unexpected expenses or finance a new project.

Mortgage subrogation in progress

The subrogation of the mortgage is a procedure (introduced by the Law) that allows you to transfer your mortgage from one bank to another and therefore take advantage of the best conditions available. So if you find a cheaper mortgage, with lower rates, you are free to transfer it to another institution, (even more than once) without additional costs, not even the notary fees.

If, on the other hand, in addition to the amount to pay off the old mortgage, you need additional liquidity, there is the replacement of the mortgage (a slightly different procedure from the subrogation and which involves some additional costs).

How to compare mortgages online in a few clicks

How to compare mortgages online in a few clicks

Online you can find a wide variety of mortgage deals. To choose the best one, you have to compare them. How to make the comparison of online mortgages easily and quickly? Using a comparator, of course! Why?

Because it is easy, fast, safe, transparent and free! How does it work?

Start the chat: we will ask you some questions to understand what you need and what is right for you. We will make a personalized calculation, and in a few minutes you will know if the mortgage is feasible and the installment to be paid: select the one that interests you most … and you’re done!

So you find the most convenient mortgage, whether it is the first case or the subrogation of the one already in progress … you will have considerable long-term savings.

Go without fail, and choose the best offer available for you!

By comparing the mortgages and the various installments you can know in advance how much you will spend, and decide the amount based on your monthly budget.

What are you waiting for to compare mortgages online!

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