10% of all US album sales chart slots are filled with K-Pop releases

In this week’s best-selling album chart, Billboardranking of who only watches the releases that have sold the most copies at each frame (as opposed to the Billboard 200, which takes into account streaming and purchases of individual songs), the new take on the Foo Fighters Medicine at midnight push Morgan Wallen’s Dangerous out of the top spot, although the latter title remains No. 1 on the Billboard 200.

This time around, there might not be any major new releases from the South Korean powers, but stars in that part of the world control 10% of the entire chart. 10 projects from some of the most successful names in this field can be found somewhere in the competitive rankings that even the western world’s most beloved rappers and pop stars have a hard time spending real time on.

The highest ranking of all K-pop releases in this week’s Best Selling Albums chart is Blackpink. The album, which only dives two points. The set is still in full swing following the girl group’s live performance on YouTube, which drew thousands of fans (who paid for the experience) and resulted in increased feeds and sales. . This time, The album moved to n ° 13.

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The second highest K-pop title this week comes from megaband NCT, whose Resonance, Pt. 1, who once blocked off just one space unless he was leading the best albums sales chart, is falling two steps down to No.30.

Of the 10 tracks in this week’s best-selling albums chart that could be categorized as K-pop, six of them belong to BTS. Three of their outings are gaining ground, one slip slightly and two fan favorites come back for another round on the count. The first for the group is Love yourself: tear, which returns to the top 40, landing at No.36. Lower in the rankings, the following five new releases of BTS are finding space: Soul Card: 7 (N ° 46), To be (N ° 51), Do you like: she (N ° 57), Soul Map: Persona (N ° 68) and Love yourself: answer (No. 85).

The latest release of K-pop that hasn’t been mentioned yet and is making its way into this week’s top album sales chart is SuperM. Super one, the supergroup’s debut feature, which features members of other successful South Korean vocal groups. Super one lifts a few places to No.77, which is a long way from the first place, which he once reached last year.

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Here’s a recap of where the 10 K-pop tracks fit in this week’s best-selling album chart:

N ° 13 – Blackpink – The album

N ° 30 – NCT – Resonance, Pt. 1

N ° 36 – BTS – Love yourself: tear

N ° 46 – BTS – Soul Card: 7

N ° 51 – BTS – To be

N ° 57 – BTS – Do you like: she

N ° 68 – BTS – Soul Map: Persona

N ° 77 – SuperM – Super one

N ° 85 – BTS – Love yourself: answer

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