6 Scary Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Or Selling Your Home Brand Avenue Studios

Working with a local real estate agent is especially important when researching a potential neighborhood. They know what neighboring homes have sold recently, their selling prices, and how they differ from the home you are looking at. If there are large spreads, your real estate agent can help you adjust your offer accordingly.

“Depending on the age of the house, we would suggest a sewer span, as many pipes were made of products that can deteriorate over time. It’s not something most people think of, but it could. Save you thousands of dollars if a tree root is growing inside your pipe or the sewer line has deteriorated to the point of leaking, ”says Associate Broker, Myles Egan.

Here are three common mistakes sellers should avoid:

1) Delay repairs and chores that make your home look the best it can be

That bright red painted playroom, the cement shards that have fallen from the steps, or that weird smell under the fridge can be simple annoyances for you as a homeowner, but for a potential buyer it can be a major obstacle. Consider doing any minor repairs you can, like patching small holes in walls, painting over bright colors, or deep cleaning.

2) Limit visits to potential buyers

Keep in mind that you are not selling old clothes or a lawn mower. You want as many buyers as possible to fall in love with it. Adjust your schedule so that a buyer wants to visit your home, you get out of the house in a timely manner.

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