Alcohol to take to Texas is now permanent

One of the best policies to get out of the Texas pandemic, which restaurants can sell take out alcohol, is now state law. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed the alcohol law this week after the law was quickly passed by the House and Senate.

Take-out alcohol emerged during the pandemic when bars and restaurants were closed or limited in capacity. According to Dallas Morning News, the idea behind takeout alcohol was to help restaurants make money when many were only doing takeout.

Abbott didn’t raise a glass to celebrate, but smiled broadly as his colleagues applauded the new law. It is effective immediately.

The effort was designed to help struggling Texan restaurants recover their sales during the coronavirus pandemic. Selling alcohol for off-site consumption – via pickup or delivery – offered restaurants a new cash flow at the ATM at a time when some had lost more than 50% of their business due to room closures dining and, later, occupancy restrictions.

The common sense bill received bipartisan support in the legislature and I am glad the governor signed off on takeout. It will continue to help our restaurants and will become an additional source of income for years to come.

He also recalls that all the restrictions currently in force are not necessary for the survival of the state. There were a number of regulations waved by the governor during the pandemic including take out alcohol which made life easier for everyone and they had no negative impact on the economy or life. . As the governor said this week, it’s a great day to be in Texas!

What are each state’s signature drinks?

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