Apple Watch Series 6 now measures blood oxygen, but it’s not a medical device

Apple has incorporated new technology into its Series 6 watch that allows people to measure their blood oxygen.


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New Apple Watch Series 6, unveiled Tuesday, can measure oxygen levels in people’s blood in 15 seconds, says Apple. Oxygen levels in the blood are a COVID-19 severity indicator, the disease caused by the coronavirus.

“With the Apple Watch Series 6, you can measure your blood oxygen directly from your wrist,” Apple COO Jeff Williams said Tuesday.

The announcement came during Apple’s annual fall event, where it typically unveils new iPhones, iPads, and other tech gadgets to a crowded auditorium. This year, the company hosted a virtual event due to the pandemic.

The Apple Watch has added a slew of new features since its initial launch in 2015, when it was billed as a luxury item that even included a $ 10,000 gold variant called the Apple Watch Edition in its lineup. Over the past few years, Apple has made the watch into a health device that people can use to track their daily activity. In addition to tracking steps, Apple’s health-related features include an ECG heart monitor, synchronization technology for gym equipment and a meditation app.

Apple Watch’s blood oxygen meter, often referred to as an oximeter, can measure blood oxygen levels on command. It also takes periodic background readings, which are stored in a user’s health app. Williams said it’s important so people can get readings while they’re asleep.

In the same way help COVID-19 patients determine how sick they may be, oximeters are also useful for people with asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, pneumonia, and other respiratory illnesses.

Oxygen levels in the blood are usually measured using a pulse oximeter at your fingertip, and in order to do this on the wrist, Apple had to add new hardware to the watch, making this feature unique to the 6-series. work with multiple healthcare providers and universities to study how the blood oxygen levels measured by the watch can be used in future healthcare applications.

“Apple Watch has revolutionized what a watch can do,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said at Tuesday’s event. “We feel a deep responsibility to continue to innovate.”

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Apple Watch Series 6 adds blood oximeter


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