‘Behind His Eyes’ took over as the # 1 show on Netflix

Just a day later Good girls makes waves by becoming the first third show dominate netflix

in 2021, another Netflix program stepped in in its place. And this Hitchcockian project – a psychological thriller that apparently has a wild and unexpected ending – is making a lot of noise on social media.

The show in question? Behind his eyes, a program from the mind of Steve Lightfoot, a British writer and television producer who worked on the NBC thriller Hannibal and the Netflix series Marvel’s The Punisher.

Lightfoot’s latest project centers around a single mother who enters into a romance with her chief psychiatrist while secretly befriending her strange wife. The miniseries (there are currently only six episodes) stars Eve Hewson, Tom Bateman, and Simona Brown.

As stated previously, Good girls became the first non-Netflix series to claim the No.1 position in the Top 10 this year. But this reign was short-lived, for Behind his eyes It only took two days on the streaming platform to catapult to number one. The show premiered on February 17 in position # 6.

Which does Behind his eyes the fifth show already this month to claim the first place, and the eighth show in total in 2021. The other shows to have won the first place so far this year are Cobra Kai, Bridgerton, Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer, Fate: The Winx Saga, Firefly Lane, Crime scene: the disappearance at the Cecil hotel and Good girls.

It will be interesting to see how long Behind his eyes holds the # 1 position. The only other TV shows coming to Netflix this weekend are Tribes of Europe and Vincenzo– neither of them claim to dethrone the Lightfoot program. And when we look at the rest of the February lineup, it’s pretty much the same story. So we could see very well Behind his eyes in that first place for the rest of the month.

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