Bella Vista City Council Passes Rezoning Amendment


BELLA VISTA – Changes will be made to the Bella Vista zoning / rezoning map after city council approved an ordinance amending the map on September 27.

The measure was passed by a 5-0 vote. Board member James Wozniak was not present at the Zoom meeting.

Twenty-three properties were originally proposed for consideration for rezoning from Conservation District P-1 (floodplain) to single-family residence R-1. One of the lots was removed from the list before the September 13 planning committee meeting after discovering that it was already zoned R-1. Multiple complaints were raised when three other lots were affected by several citizens during the public hearing part of this meeting, and these lots were then removed from the list.

Staff attorney Jason Kelley reminded council that this was a “city initiated rezoning, not a request from the owners (Cooper Communities).”

Bella Vista Mayor Peter Christie said combining the different lots into one group made it easier to process information and hold discussions on each plot.

“We had a good discussion about it. It’s something we’ve seen before,” he said before the vote. “You will recall that at the last council meeting we knew we were going to get a lot of them and some of you asked if they could be lumped together, and that’s why they’re all together now.”

He continued, “Let’s remember that in (bringing these things together) the planning commission went a lot. The public who wanted to raise concerns about specific properties didn’t have to wait for 16 public hearings. until he got to the one he wanted to talk about. People were able to voice their concerns from the start, and that allowed the planning commission to act quickly. From my perspective , it was a saving for the town planning commission, a saving for the public, and tonight we do not have to go through 20; we can do everything with a single ordinance. “

At the start of the meeting, the council voted unanimously to suspend the rules and read all of the ordinances and resolutions proposed on the agenda only by title, including the ordinance modifying the card, which was in first place. reading.

Council member Larry Wilms said he opposed a third and final reading.

“By initiating the zoning request for the original 23 plots, we saved the developer I don’t know how many thousands of dollars – probably close to 10,000, maybe more – in terms of effort, from ad notifications that had to send to adjacent landowners as well as publications (like) the newspaper, ”he said. friend, namely Cooper Communities. So I’m not comfortable going to a third and final reading at this time. I would love to have it there for a month so we can get more feedback. “

But after more discussion, the item was moved to a third and final reading by a 5-0 vote before moving on to another unanimous vote.

The council also passed an ordinance providing for the elimination of a separate adjustment council and allowing the planning commission to sit as an adjustment council.

Three resolutions passed during the meeting included one approving the mayor’s appointment of Shelli Kerr to the Bella Vista Arts Council, the other authorizing and levying the millage rate of the ad valorem property and personal tax for the City of Bella Vista (for the year 2021 to be collected in 2022), and an authorizing the mayor and city clerk to enter into a real estate contract with Mercy Health Systems of Northwest Arkansas Communities in the amount of 136,050.00 $ for the purchase of the right-of-way necessary for the construction of the Mercy Way Bridge.

All votes at the meeting were unanimous.


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