Bob Baffert banned from Churchill Downs

Yesterday Churchill Downs banned Bob Baffert after Kentucky Derby winner Medina Spirit tested positive for 2nd time. The problem started with a positive test for a banned steroid. He cannot participate in the Kentucky Derby for two years.

Bob Baffert has had five horses that failed drug tests in 2021. He has had several suspensions and fines during his career with his horses. With the Belmont Stakes this Saturday, he is also banned from this race.

Bob Baffert was considered the Vince Lombardi of horse racing trainers, but not anymore! It’s similar to Lance Armstrong’s situation with the Tour de France. Baffert won seven Kentucky Derbys and, coincidentally, Armstrong won seven Tour De France. Both men are now in disgrace because they were caught cheating in their sports. The only difference is that Baffert used horses for his achievements.

Look, I still know these guys are top performers in their respective sports. But they cheated! They were caught off guard, paid fines and suspended.

So Bob Baffert can no longer lie about how these horses had drugs in their system and won races. He can’t get out of it. He must face it and be held to account. They finally have Bob Baffert’s number!

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