I bombed my kid’s Animal Crossing Island

Érika García / CNET I’m not proud of it, but I did. I bombed my son Animal crossing Isle. It wasn’t a Cuban missile crisis, with a tense standoff, fingers hovering over dangerous buttons, all in public. No, I did it in the dead of night, without telling anyone in …

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Animal rescue shelters see success

BRADENTON, Florida – The coronavirus shut down most businesses this spring. There are, however, a few notable exceptions. It’s all about the silver lining. Animal shelters are receiving unprecedented demands from new “forever” family members. And in the best news possible at a shelter – the animals stay put. Even …

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Arrested in non-fatal June 4 shooting at Tullahoma mall

A man in Franklin County, Tennessee, was arrested Tuesday by the US Marshals Service in connection with a June 4 non-fatal shooting in a shopping center in Tullahoma. Hugh Adam Keckritz, 22, faces a charge of attempted homicide in the shooting that left another man with a serious abdominal injury, …

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