Berkshire Car Loans – Hudson Berkshire Experience Sat, 15 Jan 2022 23:27:15 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Berkshire Car Loans – Hudson Berkshire Experience 32 32 Berkshire residents are targeted by a suspicious gift text scam Sat, 15 Jan 2022 03:03:29 +0000

It’s scam time again. It seems like every week we alert you to another scam circulating throughout Berkshire County. Lately, we’re alerting you to scams every other day. It just goes to show how common scams are, be it via text, phone, email, etc. Berkshire County residents are certainly seeing their fair share of scams popping up on their devices.

Another scam circulating in the Berkshires is the suspect Gift text scam Who claims to be from AT&T

My wife and mother-in-law received this text from a sender claiming to represent AT&T.

As you can see, this seems pretty sketchy and thank goodness neither my wife nor my mother-in-law exploited the link. Who knows what information might have been extracted from them. I’m glad they chose not to find out. This SMS scam is known as smishing which is fishing through text messages. In fact, there is a community forum on the AT&T website with many people discussing how they received the same text. You can access this forum by going here.

What should Berkshire County residents do if they receive this text message?

According to AT&T, here are the actions you should take if you receive this text or any type of suspicious text.

  • Forward the suspicious text to us at 7726. Messages forwarded to 7726 are free. They do not count in your SMS plan. If you don’t see the number, forward the entire message to
  • Visit to learn more about this type of criminal activity and how to stop it.

You can learn more about this scam and other common SMS/smishing scams by going here.

Let us know too

Also, if you receive any type of scam, let us know so we can share the information with other Berkshire County residents. Knowledge is power and we want to make sure we are all well informed and know what to look for when we receive these suspicious text messages as well as other forms of potential scams.

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The most profitable stocks in 2022 Wed, 12 Jan 2022 14:19:10 +0000

The age-old debate, growth vs. value, has been going on ever since stocks started changing hands. It’s no secret that growth stocks have outperformed value in recent years, with technology leading the way. But, the most profitable stocks in 2022 are leading the charge as investors take a more defensive approach.

With Federal Reserve officials suggesting interest rates will rise faster than expected, many stocks have started to sell off. In particular, growth stocks with high valuations and low earnings are the hardest hit.

With that in mind, higher interest rates mean less future income. And many investors will buy growth stocks based on the company’s ability to generate profits in the future.

On the other hand, value stocks are well-established companies with consistent sales. If interest rates rise, they may still be affected, but they have the cash to continue doing business.

That said, this year it will pay for clean companies that reward shareholders. Importantly, paying a dividend and buying back shares can increase shareholder value.

For that reason, here are the most profitable stocks in 2022 to get the most out of your money.

Most profitable stocks in 2022: 5 Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE: BRK.B)

  • PER: 0.01
  • EPS: 4.59
  • Market capitalization: 708.5 billion
  • Dividend yield: N/A

Warren’s Berkshire Hathaway lost some appeal as growth stocks took over the market post-pandemic. Still, Berkshire starts the year with +6% as crowded trades like tech stocks continue to tumble.

Although Berkshire does not pay a dividend, the money is reinvested in the company. Instead, Warren Buffet thinks the money is better spent investing in new projects. In other words, Warren continues to create shareholder value through steadily growing earnings.

Rather than paying a massive sum to investors via a dividend, Berkshire will invest in a new venture that can increase the value of the business.

With that in mind, Berkshire’s top holdings include Apple (Nasdaq:AAPL), Bank of America (NYSE: BAC), American Express (NYSE:AXP) and Coca Cola (NYSE: KO).

Although Apple is often grouped with growth stocks, the company has returned more than $128 billion to shareholders in the past five quarters. This is just one example of the many companies in Berkshire that are focused on rewarding investors. It’s no wonder investors are putting this stock on their list of top stocks in 2022.

No. 4 JP Morgan Chase (NYSE: JPM)

  • PER: 10.57
  • EPS: 15.81
  • Market capitalization: 483.77 billion
  • Dividend yield: 2.39%

The strongest of all bank stocks, JP Morgan Chase, is looking to solidify its position as the largest bank in the United States this year. With a strong balance sheet, growing revenue and high return on equity, JPM is what investors are looking for in a value stock.

Not only that, but when the Fed decides to raise rates, it could benefit JPM. In fact, bank stocks typically outperform other assets when interest rates rise. The reason for this is that banks can then charge higher rates, thereby improving margins.

At the same time, for banks to make money, there needs to be strong economic activity. If people take loans for various projects, banks earn more money.

On the other hand, if activity slows down and consumers borrow less, this can negatively affect banks. With solid economic forecasts this year, JPM intends to maintain its momentum.

Ford No. 3 (NYSE: F)

  • PER: 33.74
  • EPS: 0.71
  • Market capitalization: 96.15 billion
  • Dividend yield: 1.68%

Looking at Ford’s stock chart, you’d think it’s a growth stock, having risen more than 160% in the past year. In fact, the legacy automaker beat You’re here (Nasdaq: TSLA) to become the best performing auto stock last year.

But Ford has a long history of selling its cars and rewarding its shareholders. At the same time, the automotive industry is changing, with electrics now becoming a priority. And Ford is seeing strong demand for its electric model sales second only to Tesla in 2021.

After suspending dividend payments during the pandemic, the company is back on track. The first payment this year was 10 cents per share.

With that in mind, if Ford can continue to lead the charge in electric vehicles, shareholders should continue to see the returns.

Read on to find the most profitable stocks in 2022.


  • PER: 18.53
  • EPS: 5.73
  • Market capitalization: 140.17 billion
  • Dividend yield: 2.09%

CVS is another good bet to be one of the most profitable stocks in 2022, with the company crushing expectations. After another impressive earnings beat, CVS stock is within dollars of its ATH of $113 per share set in 2015.

On top of that, CVS is growing in all aspects of the business. The company’s growth strategy is bearing fruit. In the third quarter, CVS grew in all three segments (healthcare, pharmacy and retail) for total revenue growth of 10%.

Additionally, the acquisition of Aetna allows the company to combine healthcare benefits with CVS services. The merger helps improve the healthcare experience for everyone while increasing profits.

Although the merger created more than $70 billion in debt, CVS is aggressively repaying it. Since closing the deal, CVS has repaid $18.7 billion of outstanding debt.

Caterpillar No. 1 (NYSE: CAT)

  • PER: 23.55
  • EPS: 9.35
  • Market capitalization: 119.08 billion
  • Dividend yield: 2.00%

Another pandemic winner, Caterpillar, is up more than 150% since its March 2020 lows. Propelled by strong construction activity and demand for home repairs, Caterpillar stock soared to ATHs of over 246 $ per share.

Yet since hitting the ATHs in June, CAT stock has been moving in the wrong direction. At the same time, many stocks are selling off as investors take profits in anticipation of rate hikes next year.

Caterpillar is in a unique position with the United States and other governments around the world as they focus on rebuilding. With this in mind, the building benefits Caterpillar’s business, requiring more equipment to complete the projects.

That said, the company is growing, with third-quarter revenue up 25% year-over-year (YOY) to $12.4 billion. Plus, Caterpillar is a dividend aristocrat with 27 years of paying out investors.

Earn yield with the most profitable stocks in 2022

Although growth stocks have gotten all the attention in recent years, its value stocks are leading the way in 2022.

As the economy transitions from a low interest rate environment to possibly three or four rate hikes next year, this will certainly create volatility. With this in mind, it will be beneficial for owner companies that reward shareholders.

Companies can create shareholder value between dividends and share buybacks, which is exactly why these are the most valuable stocks in 2022. These companies are leading their industry while paving the way for future growth.

And finally, these are also companies that will continue to pay you as long as you own the stock. By reinvesting dividends, you can accelerate your growth, leading to higher returns in the future.

About Peter Johnson

Pete Johnson is an experienced financial writer and content creator specializing in equity and derivatives research. He has over ten years of personal investment experience. Digging through Forms 10-K and finding hidden treasures is his favorite pastime. When Pete isn’t doing stock research or writing, you can find him enjoying the outdoors or exercising.

EXPLANATION: What is behind the unrest in oil-rich Kazakhstan | Ap Thu, 06 Jan 2022 07:35:32 +0000

MOSCOW (AP) – Kazakhstan is experiencing the worst street protests the country has seen since gaining independence three decades ago.

The explosion of instability is causing great concern among Kazakhstan’s two powerful neighbors: Russia and China. The country sells most of its oil exports to China and is a key strategic ally of Moscow.

A sudden surge in the price of automotive fuel earlier this year sparked the first protests in a remote oil town in the west. But the tens of thousands of people who have since taken to the streets of more than a dozen towns and villages now have the entire authoritarian government in their sights.

President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev has made an increasingly desperate figure. He first sought to appease the crowds by sacking the entire government early Wednesday. But at the end of the day, he had changed course. First, he called the protesters terrorists. Then he appealed to a Russian-led military alliance, the Collective Security Treaty Organization, to help crush the uprising, and the CSTO agreed to send an unknown number of peacekeepers.


Of the five Central Asian republics that gained independence after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Kazakhstan is by far the largest and wealthiest. It spans an area the size of Western Europe and relies on colossal reserves of oil, natural gas, uranium and precious metals.

But while Kazakhstan’s natural riches have helped it cultivate a strong middle class, as well as a substantial cohort of ultra-wealthy tycoons, financial difficulties are rampant. The national average monthly salary is just under $ 600. The banking system has fallen prey to deep crises precipitated by non-performing loans. As in much of the rest of the region, petty corruption is rampant.

The rally that sparked the latest crisis took place in the dusty western oil town of Zhanaozen. There has long been resentment in the region that the region’s energy wealth has not been equitably distributed among the local population. In 2011, police shot dead at least 15 people in the city demonstrating in support of oil workers sacked after a strike.

When the prices of the liquefied petroleum gas that most people in the region use to power their cars doubled overnight Saturday, patience was shattered. Residents of neighboring towns quickly joined in and within days large protests spread to the rest of the country.


The suppression of critical voices in Kazakhstan has long been the norm. All the personalities aspiring to oppose the government have been repressed, dismissed or co-opted. So while these protests were exceptionally large – some attracting over 10,000 people, a large number for Kazakhstan – no leader of the protest movement emerged.

For most of Kazakhstan’s recent history, power was in the hands of former President Nursultan Nazarbayev. That changed in 2019 when Nazarbayev, now 81, stepped down and anointed his longtime ally Tokayev as his successor. As head of the security council that oversees the military and security services, Nazarbayev continued to exercise considerable influence over the country. Tokayev announced on Wednesday that he was succeeding Nazarbayev as the head of the security council.

Much of the anger displayed in the streets in recent days was not directed against Tokayev, but against Nazarbayev, who is still widely regarded as the ultimate ruler of the country. The slogan “Shalket! “(” Old man go “) has become a main slogan.


An Almaty police official said on Thursday dozens of protesters were killed in attacks on government buildings. At least a dozen police officers were also killed, including one who was beheaded.

There have been attempts to storm buildings in Almaty overnight and “dozens of attackers have been liquidated,” police spokeswoman Saltanat Azirbek said. She spoke on state news channel Khabar-24. The reported attempts to storm the buildings came after widespread unrest in the city on Wednesday, including the seizure of the mayor’s building, which was set on fire.

The initial reaction was in line with usual policy in the face of public discontent. Police and National Guard were deployed in large numbers. The crowds that marched to town hall in the commercial capital, Almaty, early Wednesday were greeted by large phalanxes of riot police and armored personnel carriers. While gatherings are normally easily dispersed, the number of people in the streets was too high this time.

As government buildings came under attack in several major cities, Tokayev called for help from the Collective Security Treaty Organization, a military alliance led by Moscow. He justified the call for outside intervention by asserting that the demonstrators were acting on the orders of international terrorist groups. He gave no details of what he meant by that.


It is uncharted territory for Kazakhstan. The country has already seen major protests: In 2016, after the adoption of a controversial land law. And again in 2019, after the controversial election that ensured Tokayev’s grip on power. But never anything on this scale.

In one of his public appeals on Wednesday, Tokayev pledged to continue reforms and hinted that political liberalization might be possible. His darker remarks towards the end of the day, however, suggested he would instead take a more repressive path.

Yet, because the street protests are so poorly targeted, at least for now, it’s hard to see how they might end. But even if they fail to overthrow the government, it seems possible that they will lead to a profound transformation. What is not clear is what this could mean.

Copyright 2022 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed without permission.

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America’s Top 4 Financial Resolutions For 2022 – And How To Achieve Them Wed, 05 Jan 2022 11:00:11 +0000

Image source: Getty Images

The practice of making New Year’s resolutions has been around for a long time, and it’s a great way for people to set different goals and motivate themselves to achieve them.

You might have a number of goals in mind for 2022, like getting more exercise, being in more contact with your friends, or finally using your kitchen instead of ordering take out all the time. But it’s also helpful to make financial resolutions specific to this time of year. Here are America’s most popular financial resolutions for 2022, according to a recent Principal poll.

1. Spend less money

It’s no surprise that spending less is at the top of the list of resolutions in this survey. Spending less money could be your ticket to achieving a host of goals, from buying a home to paying off the balances you’ve carried on your credit cards.

If you’re truly invested in spending less, set a budget to follow. This way, you’ll see how much you can afford to spend on different spending categories, and you’ll also be able to more easily identify areas where you can spend less.

2. Put more money in savings

The pandemic has taught us (the hard way) that it is important to have a decent amount of cash reserves. In fact, it’s a great idea to have enough money in your savings account to pay for three to six months of essential living expenses. This type of emergency fund should cover you in the event of job loss or expensive bills for medical care or home repairs. Or, you might need it for some random car repairs.

The point is, you never know what life might throw at you. And having more money in savings could help you not only achieve different goals, but also help you avoid getting into debt when unforeseen expenses increase.

3. Create a will, trust or estate plan

You don’t have to be rich to have a will in place, and it’s not something you can avoid doing just because you don’t have any dependents. Without a will, you have no say in what happens to your assets after your death, so it pays to have this document in place.

In addition, if you want to secure the future of your family, it pays to establish an estate plan, and meeting with a lawyer could get the ball rolling. Some lawyers charge a fixed fee for preparing a will and developing an estate plan, although the amount you pay may depend on the complexity of your financial situation. It’s a good idea to schedule this meeting for the peace of mind it might give you.

4. Meet a finance professional

There is absolutely no shame in going to a financial advisor whether you are new to the workforce or about to retire and want some advice on how to plan for your retirement years. retirement. You also don’t have to be rich to benefit from working with a financial professional.

Quite the contrary, an advisor can help you get the most out of your income and assets, no matter how small they are now. A financial professional can also help you set goals and develop a plan to achieve them.

Your financial resolutions may seem different from the ones above. If you have a personal loan balance, for example, your primary goal may be to lose it in 2022. Or, you may have a goal of increasing your credit score or putting more money into your IRA or 401 (k) ( k). No matter what you decide to do in the New Year, it helps to put those goals in writing. Having this booster could really help keep you on track and give you something to be proud of this time next year.

Alert: highest cash back card we’ve seen now has 0% introductory APR through 2023

If you are using the wrong credit or debit card, it could cost you dearly. Our expert loves this first choice, which presents a 0% introductory APR until 2023, an insane cash back rate of up to 5%, and all with no annual fee.

In fact, this card is so good that our expert even uses it personally. Click here to read our full review for free and apply in just 2 minutes.

Read our free review

We strongly believe in the Golden Rule, which is why the editorial opinions are our own and have not been previously reviewed, endorsed or endorsed by the included advertisers. The Ascent does not cover all the offers on the market. The editorial content of The Ascent is separate from the editorial content of The Motley Fool and is created by a different team of analysts. The Motley Fool has a disclosure policy.

The views and opinions expressed herein are the views and opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Nasdaq, Inc.

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$ 650,000 winning lottery ticket sold in Jackson, NJ Tue, 04 Jan 2022 17:19:09 +0000

OH MY GOD. The New Jersey Lottery has announced a big winner in our area … and it’s not me. MDR. Whom, whom. But, it could be you.

The winning ticket is worth $ 650,969. Wow. That’s a lot of money. This is a Jersey Cash 5 ticket from the Sunday January 2 draw, and the ticket matches all five numbers.

The lucky ticket was sold at the Krauszer convenience store on Brewers Bridge Road in Jackson, NJ (Ocean County). The store receives a bonus of $ 2,000 for the sale of the ticket. Not bad. Did you play the lottery there? You’d better get your tickets out and check them right away.

I know we have a lot of PST listeners in the Jackson area. I wonder if someone from PST Nation is the big winner? I hope.

It secretly kills me. You may have heard me say that I play the lottery for my dad every day. He loves it and doesn’t go out much due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so my sister and I have been appointed as replacements. MDR.

He doesn’t play all lottery games, but Jersey Cash 5 is one of his favorite games and he gets a ticket to the next draw daily. Why can’t we win a big jackpot? Why not us ??? MDR.

Ahhh, I have such amazing plans for such a big jackpot. It’s simple, I would buy a beach house. I would also help my family, donate to my favorite charities and of course have fun. I’ve always wanted to walk into a bar and scream, “Drink up on me.” MDR.

Ahhh, dreaming. Congratulations to the winner.

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These tips for saving money, whether it’s finding discounts or just changing your day-to-day habits, can come in handy whether you have a specific savings goal or want to save money. money set aside for retirement or just want to earn some pennies. It’s never too late to be more financially savvy. Read on to find out more about how you can start saving right now. [From: 25 ways you could be saving money today]

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Veljko Paunovic addresses Reading transfer plans ahead of January window Fri, 31 Dec 2021 16:14:22 +0000

Championship - Swansea City v Reading

© Provided by Football League World
Championship – Swansea City v Reading

Reading head coach Veljko Paunovic has revealed he could sign new signings without having to dispose of any bodies in the upcoming January transfer window.

The Royals have had a quiet summer due to a transfer embargo – it wasn’t until mid-August that they were able to bring in free transfers and loans after breaking profit and sustainability rules of the EFL.

However, shrewd business has been done – people like Scott Dann and Alen Halilovic arrived for free while Andy Carroll arrived later in the season.

Speculation has surrounded some of Paunovic’s current players, however, including talisman John Swift and goalkeeper Rafael Cabral.

A Brazilian publication has revealed that Rafael is set to end his contract with the Berkshire club according to the Reading Chronicle (Dec.31, 2:16 p.m.), Paunovic declined to comment on this speculation.

What he has commented is that he will be looking to add new players to his squad without necessarily letting someone important go.

“The last thing we want is to lose someone, but anything can happen” Paunovic said, according to the Reading Chronicle (Dec.31, 2:13 p.m.).

“We have things in place, we have a plan to replace players who might have an interest from other clubs.

“But we will be active and look to add depth to the team and reinforcements… if possible.”

The Serb has also confirmed that the club are in talks to extend Andy Carroll’s short-term contract after appearing five times so far for the Royals, scoring once.

The verdict

January could be a very busy month at Select Car Leasing Stadium in terms of entry and exit.

Reading is always limited in terms of the business they can do and they have to adhere to a strict business plan, but that doesn’t mean they can’t get anyone at all.

Of course, things also depend on John Swift’s situation – after his start to the season he will be in demand, but the Royals want a big sum to drop him mid-season regardless of his contractual status.

Hold on to Reading fans – January could be hectic.


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Tesla leases new land as part of its California expansion – for $ 1 a year Fri, 31 Dec 2021 13:05:54 +0000

True to CEO Elon Musk’s word, Tesla is expanding its presence in California despite the official relocation of its headquarters to Texas. And in the midst of that California expansion, Tesla leased nine acres of land to support its operations at Lathrop, all for a very reasonable price of $ 1 per year.

As stated in a Mantéca Bulletin report, Tesla has deliberately expanded its footprint in Lathrop since the company’s arrival in the city in 2014. Meanwhile, Tesla hoped to convert a former Mopar distribution center into an auto parts manufacturing plant. Tesla has since expanded its business to Lathrop, with the construction of an 870,000 square foot warehouse in the city. More recently, Tesla also launched an upcoming “Megafactory” for its flagship battery storage unit, the Megapack.

With Tesla on the verge of employing around 1,500 people working in two shifts in the ‘Megafactory’, the need for a space where facility employees could park their vehicles while they are at work has grown. feel. With that in mind, Lathrop city council voted unanimously last week to lease nine acres of city-owned land from the electric vehicle maker. Tesla would have to pay for all the upgrades, infrastructure, and upkeep of the new land, but that probably wouldn’t be a problem.

Indeed, the town of Lathrop chose to lease the nine acres of land to Tesla for just one dollar a year. Not a dollar per acre per year. A dollar for the the whole field per year.

While the dollar deal for the next “Megafactory” parking space may seem quite shocking to some, the city wrote in a staff report prepared for the council that Tesla’s presence in the city translates to more. jobs and tax revenues. And these would probably be fairly obvious once the “Megafactory” begins operations.

“Tesla’s presence in Lathrop promotes growth across the city by creating jobs and tax revenue. The 700 D’Arcy manufacturing plant will create approximately 1,500 jobs in the city as well as additional tax revenue.

Tesla and the City of Lathrop have worked together for years. Even before the company finished its huge warehouse, the electric vehicle maker used several sites in the city to store the vehicles produced at the Fremont plant. And given Elon Musk’s promise to expand Tesla’s presence in California despite the company’s decision to move its headquarters to Texas, Tesla’s expansion from Lathrop may just be beginning.

* Quotes courtesy of the Manteca Bulletin.

Do not hesitate to contact us with new tips. Just send a message to [email protected] to warn us.

Tesla leases new land as part of its California expansion – for $ 1 a year

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]]> New Jersey women among America’s richest women Fri, 24 Dec 2021 12:14:48 +0000

Two of America’s Richest Women Have Strong Connections to the Garden State Each of these women is in the top 5 richest women in the country, and that’s an impressive feather for our state.

The richest woman in America, according to the Stacker article, is Alice Walton, of the Walton family who brought us Walmart, and her net worth is $ 64 billion. Just as a perspective, if she spent $ 10,000 a day, she wouldn’t have any money at the age of 17,600. Wrap your head around it.

So how far down the list do we have to go to get to the first great Garden State connection? In fact, not very far at all. Second place on the list is held by MacKensie Scott, former wife of Jeff Bezos. She graduated from Princeton University in 1992 and is currently No. 2 on the list of richest women in the country, with a net worth of $ 53 billion. She is the 22nd richest person on the planet.

Getty Images for for J / P HRO Gal

Going down the list a bit to # 4, you find Jacqueline Mars, from the famous candy company that has made New Jersey home for many years. She lived in Bedminster from 1986 to 1994 and has a current net worth of $ 31.3 billion.

And Laurene Powell Jobs, wife of the late Apple founder Steve Jobs, also finds herself firmly in the top 10 of this list. She was born and raised in West Milford and is listed in 6th place, with a net worth of $ 18.7 billion.

It’s pretty impressive for these amazing women and for the Garden State. It’s 3 in the top 10. They are strong women who perform well, and we are proud of that. Congratulations!

Join This List Next Year – 25 Ways To Start Saving Money Today

These tips for saving money, whether it’s finding discounts or just changing your day-to-day habits, can come in handy whether you have a specific savings goal or want to save money. money set aside for retirement or just want to withdraw a few cents. It’s never too late to be more financially savvy. Read on to find out more about how you can start saving right now. [From: 25 ways you could be saving money today]

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Highest property sales in 2021 – DIRT Wed, 22 Dec 2021 20:46:00 +0000

Like just about everyone, as COVID-19 began to sweep the world, the real estate industry held its collective breath, fearing the coronavirus could wipe out their livelihoods. It wasn’t long, however, before it became crystal clear that the industry would not only be plunged into crisis by the pandemic, but that it would be a successful year.

Working from home protocols across the country meant that people no longer needed to live close to their jobs and as a result, many packed their bags and headed to places where they and their households would. more room to swing their arms and be comfortably outside without fear. disease and / or transmission.

Nowhere has the market grown so dramatically as at the top, in the rarefied world of billionaires and the trophy houses they acquire. While mere financial mortals may have sought a simple refuge with a little backyard and a little extra space to set up a home office, those with the deepest pockets have made their way to homes. sprawling and vast domains that would allow them to self-quarantine. cocoon content of hyper-luxury.

Not so long ago, most people, even the richest, would grab their pearls and swoon in disbelief, not to mention mocking disbelief and sometimes contempt, when a grand mansion in Beverly Hills or an apartment in New York was selling for ten or twelve million dollars.

Those days are long gone, kids. Nowadays, a $ 10 or $ 12 million house is the bottom of the very high-end premium market, as evidenced by the fact that the cheapest house on this top 20 list in the United States costs $ 66. million. That’s right, in 2021, more than 20 people spent more than $ 66 million to buy a home, often their third, fourth, fifth or more. Some of the deals were reduced in cash, while a few took out planet-sized loans that buried an ordinary millionaire.

Eighty percent of the 20 transactions on DIRT’s list occurred in just three states. Sunny Florida, with its billionaire-friendly taxes, had the most, with six deals, mostly in and around Palm Beach, while New York and California each recorded five big transfers this year. Even so, two of the top three deals of the year did not take place in any of those states, but rather in Montana.

Are you having trouble breathing? Well put on an oxygen mask, because the real estate air is about to get even clearer here. Just as some of the world’s richest men launched into space this year, real estate prices for people with unlimited financial firepower have gone stratospheric in 2021.

Buckle up.

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TB Governor Appoints Mark Boughton as Infrastructure Advisor Fri, 17 Dec 2021 19:31:56 +0000

Former Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton will now take on new responsibilities within the state of Connecticut.

Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont just announced that current Connecticut Tax Services Department Commissioner Mark Boughton will now also serve the state as the Governor’s senior advisor on infrastructure.

According to a press release from the governor’s office, in this new role, Commissioner Boughton will act as the Lamont administration’s main infrastructure spokesperson and coordinate multi-agency approaches to administer the law funds. recently approved bipartite on investment in infrastructure and jobs. .

Part of the job description will include developing new infrastructure ideas, developing a holistic approach to equity and climate concerns, being the liaison for the state to strengthen Connecticut federal grant applications and ensure that infrastructure plans are coordinated across state agencies.

Gov. Lamont explained the appointment saying his administration is committed to making the most of this opportunity and that Connecticut has some of the best leaders in the country when it comes to setting the tone for both change. climate and thinking about the future in terms of roads, bridges, transit and resilience. The governor called Commissioner Boughton “a vital member of the team ensuring that our investments are coordinated, strategic and fair”.

Boughton’s 20-year experience in the Mayor’s chair at Danbury is something the Governor was looking for as well. Lamont cited Boughton’s knowledge of how local government works and since working at the state level he also knows how state government works.

All this expertise will be useful, especially since the State should receive approximately 6 billion dollars of the 1 trillion dollars of allocations of the infrastructure bill which will be devoted to the improvement of transport, to the Internet access and other state infrastructure initiatives.

The former mayor of Danbury also seemed delighted with his new assignment and was honored to take on the role at what he called “an important moment in the state”. Boughton will also continue to exercise his current role as State Tax Services Commissioner.

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These tips for saving money, whether it’s finding discounts or just changing your day-to-day habits, can come in handy whether you have a specific savings goal or want to save money. money set aside for retirement or just want to earn some pennies. It’s never too late to be more financially savvy. Read on to find out more about how you can start saving right now. [From: 25 ways you could be saving money today]

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