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Josh Kirk of Mountain Men, to play Cheyenne

It seems that Wyoming is surrounded by a lot of famous people. I’m not talking about the yuppies that come here because it’s cheaper than LA and a lot prettier. I’m talking about real people in Wyoming shedding light on them for awesome things they’re doing. We’re not even talking …

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Why is Tim Tebow so polarizing?

I am constantly amazed at the ridicule directed at Tim Tebow, who should be a famous athlete, but who is laughed at by the majority. On Thursday, it was announced that the 33-year-old had officially signed a contract with the Jacksonville Jaguars from the NFL more than a week after …

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Neobanking 2021: from hype to profit?

Neobanks (or challenger banks, as they are called in the UK) have raised huge amounts of money since entering the fintech scene. Much like their dotcom ancestors, private equity and venture capital funding was easy with few restrictions, flooding the space with liquidity. Profitability has been a “good to have” …

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