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A capable start full of raw truths

Book Title:Mother mother ISBN-13:978-1472275882 Author:Annie macmanus Editor:Fires Indicative price:£ 16.99 The most immediately sympathetic thing about Mother Mother is that she doesn’t try to be who she isn’t. By that I mean it’s quite unpretentious. I read this novel directly after reading the last installment of Deborah Levy’s memoir style …

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New York rents appear to be near bottom

And thousands of New Yorkers face losing their homes later this summer, when a statewide moratorium on evictions is expected to end. The pandemic has dramatically worsened the debt of low-income tenants who were already at risk of eviction. While a state program of around $ 2.4 billion in emergency …

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New buildings attract tenants with free rent

Expecting to rent around 40 apartments a month – which is a standard rate for large projects in healthy markets – the Dime instead managed four leases a month when it started renting last summer, Mr. Charney. Although he declined to say whether the Dime would be profitable, Mr Charney …

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