Counterfeit money is spent in North Dakota

Beware of North Dakota Businesses: Counterfeit money is being spent in the state.

The Rolette County Sheriff’s Office has just issued a warning to businesses that counterfeit money is being spent in and around Rolette County. According to a Facebook post from the Sheriff’s Office, a complaint has been filed in St. John about a woman attempting to use counterfeit money. A total of $ 4,640 in counterfeit bills was reportedly seized and the counterfeit bills were $ 10, $ 20, $ 50 and $ 100.

How to spot counterfeit money?

The Rolette County Sheriff’s Office post shows photos of a fake $ 20 bill the woman attempted to use. The sheriff’s office said all invoices had the same serial number, but two other telltale signs the money was fake are that the top of the invoice says “For motion picture images only” and the reverse side bears the word “Copy”. in the corners. There are other tips and tricks that can be used to detect counterfeit money. Loss prevention magazine offers a list of actions that can be taken to spot a fake.

Have you witnessed a financial scam in North Dakota lately?

I used to work in customer service and it always seemed like financial scams were going to be rampant this time of year. I have worked in salons for years and we would hear stories of how other salons in the area accidentally accepted counterfeit. Fortunately, none of the salons I have worked at have encountered this problem. The most common money scams I encountered were people trying to get money with gift cards which was always weird.

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