Flint ranks among the most educated cities in America


Congratulations brains! Put aside all the intellectuals of the East Coast and pass over the Einsteins of Silicon Valley, because five of the nation’s smartest cities are right here in Michigan.

The home of the big house, Ann Arbor, has been named the most educated city in America, according to a study by WalletHub. The University of Michigan home won first place for the 5th year in a row. Ann Arbor got the right to brag about ticking a few important boxes:

  • Ann Arbor has the highest percentage of high school graduates
  • It has the highest percentage of associates or experienced adults in college
  • It has the highest percentage of bachelor’s degree holders
  • It has the highest percentage of university or professional degree holders
  • It has the 5th highest average academic grade

Not to be outdone, another college town, East Lansing / Lansing, ended up in 29th place in the study. True to the college town vibe, Grand Rapids-Kentwood, home of Grand Valley State University, and Detroit-Warren-Dearborn, home of Wayne State and Detroit Mercy, took their places in the 70th and 78th, respectively.

Flint makes the list

Not always the type to write positive news, Flint finally has his day in the sun this year by making the list of “America’s Most Educated Cities”. WalletHub compared the 150 largest metropolitan statistical areas to compile their list, and Flint proudly ranks at 123rd. Often overlooked, much like Detroit, Flint offers Kettering, the U of M Flint, and the MSU College of Human Medicine as part of their ever-growing revitalization.

Kudos to all the cities that make Michiganders feel even smarter! You can check out the full list of “America’s Most Educated Cities” here.

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