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A witness to an alleged assault at a football match in 2019 heard a noise like a very loud cracking when he saw a blow hitting a player, the Launceston Magistrates’ Court heard. Wian Dekker testified that he saw a Bracknell player round punch Zachary Griffiths during a game on July 6 at Bridgenorth Football Ground. Tasmanian police officer Glenn Dawson has pleaded not guilty to common assault. Mr. Dekker testified that Mr. Griffiths, playing for Bridgenorth, was attempting to score when Mr. Dawson (Bracknell) ran towards him. “Mr. Griffiths went to score and the Bracknell player pulled his boot up and pretty much fly kicked him in the stomach,” he said. READ MORE: Parliament spoke about five more accusers of David O’Byrne’s sexual harassment. He said both players fell to the ground and Mr. Griffiths pushed Mr. Dawson in the chest. He said the Bracknell player gave a closed punch to Mr Griffiths who hit him on the left side of the jaw. When asked what he heard, Mr Dekker said he heard a very loud crackle. “Zac was on his knees holding his jawbone with his hands and blood was pissing out of his mouth,” he said. “He said ‘my teeth, my teeth’.” During cross-examination by defense attorney Greg Richardson, Mr Dekker said that after the scoring competition Mr Griffiths ignored the ball and moved to face Mr Dawson. READ MORE: Tasmania AFL team’s decision announced deadline Bridgenorth player Luke Duncan said he was only three yards away when he saw Mr Griffiths push Mr Dawson, who was on the ground, two to three times to the chest after a scoring contest. “Glenn Dawson then stood up and hit him with a right hook in the jaw,” he said. He described it as not being a high-quality punch, but rated it six out of 10. A limit umpire who was 13 at the time said he saw Mr. Dawson “cut” with a hook up if that makes sense. ” He said he wrote down what he saw on his phone shortly after the game. Bridgenorth’s assistant coach at the time, Michael Bowden, said he saw Mr Griffiths walk up to Mr Dawson and shove him in the chest. “As he came back he was hit,” he said. When questioned by Crown Attorney Simon Nicholson, Mr Bowden said it was a closed fist on the left side of his face. READ MORE: Concerns over West Tamar board’s ‘toxic work culture’ “Zac obviously fell to the ground in shock and came out of the ground,” he said. Mr. Bowden denied a suggestion by Mr. Richardson that Mr. Dawson was running with the flight of the balloon and that there was a forehead in contact. Bridgenorth assistant coach Robert Beams said the two players battled on the ground after the scoring contest. “As they were walking up, Glenn punched Zac in the face,” he said. The hearing continues.


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