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A Tasmanian police officer charged with assault following an incident at a football match told Launceston Magistrates’ Court he was protecting himself from an angry man. Glenn Dawson has pleaded not guilty to assaulting Zachary Griffiths on July 6, 2019 during a game in Bridgenorth. Mr. Dawson, who played for Bracknell, testified that he fell on his back after a scoring contest. READ MORE: Witness heard a kick land, court said. “He had an angry look on his face and his right fist was clenched.” He demonstrated to Magistrate Sharon Cure that he had put his left arm across his face and his right arm across his chest. “What was your goal? Asked defense lawyer Greg Richardson. “Just to protect my head and upper body,” said Dawson. “Was it your intention to apply force?” Asked Mr. Richardson. READ MORE: Elective surgery set to get a top-up of $ 40 million ‘No,’ Mr Dawson said. Crown Attorney Simon Nicholson suggested that when Mr. Dawson demonstrated his actions, he was clenched. “Was it like a punch?” Mr. Nicholson said. “I was tense at the time, it was an instant reaction,” replied Dawson. “I was protecting myself from being hit.” “Protecting yourself, did you hit him?” Mr. Nicholson asked. “I was protecting myself,” Mr. Dawson said. Launceston General Hospital medical services director Peter Renshaw said hospital notes revealed Mr Griffiths needed plastic surgery after receiving a broken mandible on the left and right sides of his face. He said he needed a bow bar and a metal plate through the fracture. The hearing heard from a dozen officials and players from Bridgenorth and Bracknell football clubs, many of whom were within 10 to 20 yards of the incident. Bracknell panel member Justin Curbishley testified that Mr. Griffiths jumped on Mr. Dawson in an attempt to assert his dominance and pushed Mr. Dawson across the head and chest. “Glenn’s arm went up and made contact with Mr. Griffiths chin,” he said. READ MORE: Parliament spoke about five more accusers of O’Byrne’s sexual harassment, Mr Curbishley said the fist was half open, half closed In an interview with the police, Mr Dawson was warned that the allegation may relate to a violation of the Tasmanian Police Code of Conduct. Prior to today’s testimony, Ms Cure told both parties that her brother, Lance Cure, was a sponsor of Bracknell Football Club through his company Finance Brokers of Tasmania. This was the second time the case was moved because Magistrate Ken Stanton declared a potential conflict of interest at an earlier stage. Mr Richardson said he had no problem with Ms Cure hearing the case. “This is Tasmania,” he said. The prosecution and defense will present their final submissions on Wednesday afternoon.


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