Golden State’s stimulus check in California: what is the income to be eligible?


It was announced on Wednesday that California lawmakers had agreed on details of a $ 9.6 billion covid-19 relief package which includes a new round of $ 600 stimulus checks for low-income people in the state. The plan was ad by Governor Gavin Newsom on Wednesday and appears to be a modified version of the Golden State Stimulus plan he proposed last month.

In addition to stimulus checks, billions of dollars have been allocated to grants for small businesses and provide emergency accommodation for the state’s many farm workers who are forced to self-quarantine after testing positive for the coronavirus.

Anthony Rendon, President of the National Assembly, says the package “Would help those who suffer the most”, adding: “We are building an economic base for the recovery of jobs, small businesses and, of course, our daily lives.

California State Stimulus Check Eligibility and Income Limits

Direct payments of $ 600 per person make up the bulk of the package, costing $ 2.3 billion in total. This will see stimulus check payments sent to approximately 5.7 million people, some of which were missed in previous payments under former President Trump.

Details of the proposal can still be changed before being officially enacted, but it’s likely that eligibility for a California stimulus check will be:

  • Those who earn less $ 30,000 per year
  • Households that received the Earned income tax credit for 2020
  • Nobody unable to receive a recent federal payment because they do not have a social security number, but have an individual tax number and an income of less than $ 75,000
  • Households in the CalWORKS public aid program
  • Those who qualify for the Additional Security Income / Additional State Payment
  • Recipients of the Cash Assistance Program for Immigrants

GOP Senator Andreas Borgeas, who helped build bipartisan consensus for the proposal, said of the announcement: “This path to victory proves that when lawmakers cross the aisle and work together on our most pressing needs, we can get things done.

Small businesses and agricultural workers offer additional protection

The new stimulus package also provides additional support to the other economic victims of the pandemic. About $ 2 billion in tax relief will allow 750,000 small businesses to deduct up to $ 150,000 in economic disaster loans or payments protection plan loans from their state taxes.

There are also more favorable conditions for the hospitality industry, with almost 60,000 restaurants and bars allowed to waive annual license fees for two years.

President of the Senate Pro Tempore Toni Atkin says she hopes it will be a Vital lifeline for struggling businesses: “People are hungry and suffering, and businesses that our communities have loved for decades are at risk of shutting down. “

There is also Funding increase of $ 24 million for a program providing accommodation to food processing and agricultural workers who have contracted the coronavirus. As essential workers they have been forced to work throughout the pandemic and in many cases are unable to truly self-quarantine if infected.

Governor Newsom said of this new effort: [The farmworker housing programme has] have been underutilized, and we recognize that … The purpose of this new credit is to maximize efficiency. “

Eligibility could affect the arrival of the dunning check

The deal comes after weeks of bipartisan talks and both sides now hope to move forward with the package quickly. Hearings of the Budget Committee are expected to begin on Thursday, February 18, with the proposal likely to be put to the vote next Monday.

Individual situation of beneficiaries is likely to affect how quickly your check is processed. For example, households eligible by the CalWORKS public aid program would probably be delayed and may not get theirs until mid-April.

Newly eligible groups to be included in this proposal are the beneficiaries of the The additional security income; the State additional payment for those who are 65 or older, blind or disabled; and anyone in the Cash Assistance Program for Immigrants. The timing of these stimulus check payments is still under discussion by state and federal authorities.

For all the latest updates as they happen on stimulus checks in California, Maryland, and the Federal level, follow our dedicated live stream.


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