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Harley Chilcott is a matriarch in every sense of the word. Leading five generations of senior women, Ms. Chilcott is a testament to the unwavering strength of country women and the importance of family. The 91-year-old has lived in the same house in Bracknell since she first married her late husband Ralph. Growing up in Liffey, she didn’t move far to settle in Bracknell and potentially knows the Meander Valley better than anyone. It was 1952 and she never left, still living in the same house independently. “This is where we moved and where we stayed here. And I’m still here,” Ms. Chilcott said. The house nestled on a country road has grown and changed over the years, along with its growing family. IN OTHER NEWS: Four kids, charter flight and land for a Tassie AFL team At one point the family had 10 cows and Mr. and Mrs. Chilcott milk them together every day. “They would each sit on a stool and milk the cows,” said Ms. Burnie. Life in Bracknell has also changed dramatically since Ms Chilcott first moved in all those years ago. The cleared enclosures surrounding the house were once all bushes where Mrs. Burnie and her siblings played and built forts. While the town of Launceston has been getting closer to Bracknell since 1952, the benefits of country living remain. The family’s extensive gardens and vegetable plots have been a lifelong labor of love, with the famous raspberry harvest bringing in an average of 100 kilograms per year. The vegetable garden has always been the responsibility of her late husband and is now maintained by her son, Mrs. Chilcott preferring to take care of the flowers. Not the type to follow strict lines, she plants dahlia bulbs in different places in the garden. “It’s always interesting to see where they appear,” she said. Ms. Chilcott concedes that, on average, she probably spends more time outside her home than inside. “I spend hours and hours gardening every day. There is always a lot to do,” she said. “Every year I say ‘I’m going to cut back’. But I never do.” The interior of the house still has original features and is filled with photos and precious objects from a lifetime. During the winter months, Mrs. Chilcott keeps the house warm with two log fires that she continually tends throughout the day. His recent 90th birthday was an important occasion for the whole family and a celebration for all of Bracknell, with friends from far and wide to converge on the town. Humble, Mrs. Chilcott didn’t understand the hustle and bustle, but there was no doubt that as a steadfast figure in the town, her birthday party was never going to be small. Last week another family member celebrated an important birthday. Ms Chilcott’s first great-great-grandchild, Millah, turned a year old at a birthday party at the Invermay Bowls Club. In a room of young children all playing with the latest toys, the original family home in Bracknell looked like a window into another era. But Ms. Chilcott is no stranger to the technological advances of recent years. His request for his 90th birthday was a chainsaw. Our reporters work hard to provide local and up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can continue to access our trusted content: Follow us on Google News: The Examiner


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