Here’s how to enter the $ 1 Million VaxMillions Lottery Prize

Governor Baker yesterday announced a special lottery to give millions of dollars in prizes and scholarships to fully vaccinated residents of Massachusetts in an effort to get more people vaccinated.

The lottery promises fully vaccinated adults the chance to win one of five million dollar prizes. It also offers five bursaries of $ 300,000 to fully immunized youth, ages 12 to 17. The scholarships will be awarded through a 529 University Savings Plan administered by the Massachusetts Educational Financing Authority and can be used for tuition, accommodation and meals, and other expenses at schools across the country.

Here is how it works, if you are fully vaccinated you still need to register for the lottery, you will not be automatically registered. You will be able to register from July 1 on the state VaxMillions website. The draws will be held weekly for five weeks starting July 26.

Here are a few things to remember:

  • You need to keep up with the vaccines, i.e. you have had two Pfizer or Moderna injections, or one Johnson & Johnson injection before submit your entry.
  • If you don’t have internet access or need help, a call center will be available to help you. Contact center contact details and hours will be available before July 1. (We will update them as more information is received)
  • Entries will continue to be accepted throughout the five week submission period.
  • All entries must be received by August 20, 11:59:59 p.m. EDT. to be eligible for the final price.
  • The exact dates and times of each draw will be announced on July 1.
  • Only one entry per person will be accepted and all duplicate entries will be deleted prior to the draw. Additionally, residents can only win one of the above prizes.
  • Winners will be selected at random by the Massachusetts State Lottery using a random number generator.
  • Participants must be a lawful permanent resident of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

You will find more information on the details of the competition here.

Residents of Berkshire County can receive their vaccine at several locations, either at walk-in clinics or by appointment. You will find information on how to get vaccinated here.

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