House prices in Berkshire: Postcodes in Reading where house prices have been reduced

Homes in some Reading postcodes are seeing prices drop by more than £ 10,000 it has been revealed.

And in a postcode-reading area, the economy was as much as £ 25,000.

The research was carried out by home buying company Property Solvers.

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He analyzed 1,783 home sales between August 2020 and August 2021, using a asking price versus sale price tool and land registry data.

The company says its data monitors the entire sale of the home, from its initial listing to negotiations and offers, to final completion.

The biggest drops were in the RG9 postal code, which largely corresponds to the Henley-on-Thames area.

Data shows that 56 sellers reduced the original asking price by an average of £ 24,696 over the 12-month period.

The lowest prices were seen in the RG14 (Newbury) area where 76 house sellers reduced their prices by £ 4,509.

Co-founder Ruban Selvanayagam said: “Despite what has been a very active market, homebuyers are still, on the whole, able to negotiate lower prices.

“There is also broader evidence that surveyors downgrade properties that don’t match the realities.

“This means that properties end up selling for less than the real estate agent’s initial price estimate. “

“This is relative because a more expensive property is likely to see a larger price difference.”

Price reductions by postcode area

RG9 (Henley-on-Thames)

Average asking price: £ 874,820

Average sold price: £ 850,124

Price Difference: £ 24,696

Number of houses sold: 56

RG8 (Göring and Streatley)

Average asking price: £ 740,232

Average sold price: £ 718,510

Price Difference: – £ 21,722

Number of houses sold: 49

RG40 (Wokingham)

Average asking price: £ 549,898

Average price sold: £ 533,846

Price Difference: £ 16,052

Number of houses sold: 68

RG10 (Twyford and Wargrave)

Average asking price: £ 698,393

Average price sold: £ 683,324

Price Difference: £ 15,069

Number of houses sold: 50

RG20 (Newbury)

Average asking price: £ 605,148

Average sold price: £ 591,135

Price Difference: £ 15,000

Number of houses sold: 8

RG45 (Crowthorne)

Average asking price: £ 558,486

Average price sold: £ 545,873

Price Difference: £ 14,297

Number of houses sold: 52

RG7 (West Berkshire)

Average asking price: £ 524,099

Average price sold: £ 511,740

Price Difference: £ -12,359

Number of houses sold: 79

RG4 (Caversham, Sonning Common, Sonning)

Average asking price: £ 524,445

Average sold price: £ 512,111

Price Difference: £ 12,334

Number of houses sold: 135

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