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It doesn’t matter if you feel like you’ve been hit by a bus when the alarm goes off in the morning. Ignore the fact that you are ready for a nap at work at 11:00 am every day. Don’t mind the fact that you fall asleep on the sofa during your favorite binge show … at 8:00 p.m.! A study says that if you live in New Jersey, you are not as tired as you think.

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Let’s start with exactly how tired we think we are. I spoke with residents of the Jersey Shore and in an informal, unscientific survey, and about 85% of you thought you were not getting enough sleep every night.

Most Jersey Shore residents we spoke with seemed to insist that Garden State should be in the top 5 most sleep deprived states in the country, but that’s not what one study says.

If you trust the data compiled by 24/7 Tempo, there are actually 16 states in the country that are sleeping less than us. How do they work? Here’s the Garden State data that got us ranked 17th most sleep deprived states.

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Only 37.5% of Garden State residents say they sleep less than 7 hours, which a few quick calculations will tell you means 62.5% sleep more than 7 hours. I’m not sure I know someone who does. I know no.

So maybe the long days at work, the stress of money and bills, and the ridiculous schedule most of us keep aren’t costing us as much sleep as we thought. I’m sorry, but I’m still quite skeptical.

Rich people probably sleep well – richest person in every state

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