I bombed my kid’s Animal Crossing Island

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I’m not proud of it, but I did. I bombed my son Animal crossing Isle. It wasn’t a Cuban missile crisis, with a tense standoff, fingers hovering over dangerous buttons, all in public. No, I did it in the dead of night, without telling anyone in advance or immediately after.

In fact, it took several days for anyone to even notice that the unimaginative name “Adventure Island” was now called “Ackventure Island” (much better, I thought), and it had an entirely different geographic setup, complete with a museum. fully functional and other benefits.

Indeed, as the new primary owner of my Switch’s Animal Crossing master account, I was able to quickly move the needle in the game by doing, you know, in-game tasks like paying off my suspicious interest-free loans. from Tom. Nook, collecting animals and fossils for the museum and generally being a good citizen / founder.

While I may tout Ackventure Island as a democracy, I truly am first among my equals and whether on purpose or not, this is how Nintendo put the game together. Instead of allowing each player profile on the Switch console to have its own unique instance of the game, there is literally one authorized master island per Switch hardware unit. Fancy two islands for two people? So you need two Nintendo Switch consoles and two copies of the game, unless you want to play with airplane mode on the second console.

In theory, the idea of ​​multiple players in the same house, using the same switch, sharing a single island seems very conceptual. But in reality, having such severe restrictions does not match the varied play styles of different family members. Came out just like coronavirus quarantines were starting, this could have been (and still is in some ways) the right game for the time.

But control comes down to who loaded the game first. Whoever made those fateful first decisions also assumes control of the entire island’s timeline.



In my case, I was not the first resident on my Switch. So when my son’s interest in Animal Crossing waned after a few days and returned to a steady Roblox and Minecraft diet, I was stuck early in the game, trapped in a Groundhog Day loop. with the timeline of the game never progressing. I was practically imprisoned on a tropical vacation island, at the mercy of an absent guard.

I tried logging into my son’s account and performing tasks to advance the game, then returning to my account to play. It’s fine once or twice, but you can’t go on and on. Plus, I kept mixing up identities and going to the wrong house.

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This is more of an explanation than an excuse, but I need you to know why I deleted the entire Animal Crossing profile from the Switch’s memory and restarted the game from scratch.

Fortunately, when my sneak attack was discovered, the rest of the family just rolled with her and started life on my island all over again – this time with plenty of trail as I had progressed steadily through the game. was a happy ending for everyone except the sleepless nights I spend rocking the Switch to keep anyone from harming my precious island.

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