Identical twins who shared their marriage move to same estate after leaving husbands


After getting engaged to the men of their dreams, twin sisters Sonia Dixon and Adrienne Campbell found themselves planning weddings at the same time.

But before long, they decided that it made more sense to just have a joint celebration to save money and therefore their family and friends would only have to travel once.

True testimony of their closeness and their strong bond, the two couples then took off for a joint honeymoon.

The 62-year-old sisters, who now have children of their own, also worked together in an airport VIP lounge and enjoyed having people entangling them – including a former prime minister.

But after separating from their husbands, Sonia and Ade decided to move to the same housing estate in Crowthorne, Berkshire, so they could spend even more time together.

They shared a wedding before taking off on a joint honeymoon

Sonia said: “It seemed natural to have our weddings together. Weddings are expensive and we both thought it was more convenient.

“It was probably good for our family and friends too, having only to attend one event. We just had one congregation. I got up with my partner first and said my vows, then Ade did the same.

“We are now both separated from our husbands and we work together at the airport.”

Sonia, mum of aircraft dispatcher Chelsey, 32, and Kerri, 29, barber, were the first to move into the L&G Homes development in May 2019, followed by Ade – mum to Scott, 28, who works in aerodrome operations – in August 2020.

Sonia Dixon and Ade Campbell
They shared a room throughout their childhood

Sonia said: “We have always been close. We even shared a room until we were 9 or 10 years old. It was around this time that our family moved from Aberdeen to Burnley.

“When I was 17, I joined the army and Ade followed me 18 months later. We weren’t stationed together so this was our first real split, I was in Northern Ireland and she was in Germany.

Inseparable, the two sisters married their respective partners in a double wedding at the Bracknell Register Office in September 1982, before leaving for a joint honeymoon in Miami, Florida, USA.

Sonia joined the staff at Heathrow Airport in 1980 and five years later Ade joined her.

Sonia Dixon and Ade Campbell
People still confuse them

Sonia said: “Most of the time we do consecutive shifts so we’ll see each other during the shift changes, but every once in a while we work together.

“A lot of regulars that we go through don’t realize that there are two of us – it’s pretty funny.

“A former prime minister used to fly around a lot of people and we served him for years before he noticed we were twins.

Even when people find out there are two, identical twins say it is often difficult to tell them apart.

“I always used to say that Ade had bigger breasts and I had bigger earrings,” Sonia joked. “But people always confuse us.

They like to have a little fun when people confuse them

“When I see strangers greeting me in the street, I wave to them, because they are probably someone who knows Ade.”

Six months ago, the couple took another step closer to each other when Ade moved into Sonia’s housing estate, living a five-minute walk from her sister.

Ade said: “I went through the process with Sonia when she bought her house.

“She looked at some developments and was living with me at the time as she looked for a house.

“She stayed with me for eight months before finding the development we both chose.

They end up greeting strangers on the street, just assuming the person knows the other sister

“Sonia lives in phase 1 and I am in phase 2, but we are only two steps from each other. I don’t think it takes me even five minutes to get to her house.

Sonia and Ade’s father, Henry Taylor, was also an identical twin, and with the two brothers then fathering twins, it’s definitely a family trait.

“My father was as close to his brother as I was to Ade,” Sonia said. “In fact, my father’s last word before his death was his twin’s name. They were really close.

Henry died at the age of 74 in July 2007 and his twin brother, Ronnie, died six months later.

Ade said: “Sonia and I have been close since day one. Until Sonia joined the army, we were never separated.

“When she left, I was private. It was as if a part of me was gone. It was the first time we had experienced not being together. It took a lot of adaptation.

“Of course, I followed her about 18 months later. We didn’t serve together, but it was natural to be in the same field. We are simply attracted to each other.

The sisters are now working to both meet and greet guests at the Heathrow Airport VIP lounge and are happily settling in as neighbors in their new housing estate.

Ade concluded, “There is a real sense of community in development and Crowthorne as a whole, so it really suits us.

“Sonia and I are very happy there and I love being so close to her.

“We were joined at the hip from day one and I wouldn’t have done it any other way.”

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