Is New Jersey the grosser state?

Another day another poll that says something bad about New Jersey. Some days it’s the price of everything, other days it’s a traffic survey. And some days the subject turns to rudeness. We are apparently among the rudest states in a recent survey, but I want to tell you why the reputation for rudeness is an undeserved reputation for the Garden State.

First, let’s find out the details of the rudeness study and take a piss out of the results. It was published by Zippia and it has ranked every state in the nation for rudeness. How do they define rudeness? Qualifying will certainly ring a bell.

They looked at things like the amount of profanity, tips, rude conduct, and how rude people in other states perceive us. Uh oh. It sounds like a study we’re not going to do very well in. And we didn’t.

Having said that, you can predict that we must be in the top 5 states for rudeness, and surprisingly we are not. That alone is a mini victory. But we got closer. New Jersey is ranked 7th among the grossest states in the country.

But I want to try to challenge this. I believe New Jersey is a place that is under constant pressure. So much so that we don’t have time for additional words. Already.

And we don’t have the luxury of the cashier who needs to take that call from a buddy before calling us, or the driver who just can’t seem to find what he seems to be looking for under the passenger seat even though the on. traffic light has already turned green.

So, yes, we swear, beep, and get more frustrated than most, but that’s not rudeness. it’s a necessity, or as I like to say, rudeness. We have to do whatever we have to do, and a little cooperation from the universe every now and then might help.

In conclusion, I would say that rudeness is in our nature, but it is more difficult to do everything on a routine day in New Jersey than anywhere else. So, let them call it rudeness. We know better.

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