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The Juniata County School District Board of Directors narrowly approved a preliminary budget for 2021-2022 that includes a 3.9% tax increase.

The proposed budget of $ 43,830,618, includes a property tax of 68,0486 mills, a tax of $ 5 per capita, a housing tax of $ 5, a flat occupancy tax of $ 10, a real estate transfer tax of 1% , an earned income tax of 1% and an amusement tax of 5%.

Council members were split 4-4 in an initial vote at its business meeting Thursday night in Mifflintown. Directors Kenneth Dupree, Angela Wagner, Mark Wagner and Troy Woodward voted in favor of the proposed budget; directors Malinda Carvell, David Fry, Douglas Kline and Angela Varner voted against. Joseph Shearer was absent.

After much deliberation on the tax increase, Varner brought forward a motion to reconsider his vote.

In a second vote, Varner voted in favor of the budget, giving the proposal a 5-4 majority.

The proposed budget is submitted for final approval to the Board of Directors in June.

Until then, Business Manager Richard Meily and Superintendent Gary Dawson encouraged board members to approach them with specific ideas on balancing the budget with less or no tax increase as that seemed like the point of friction for those who are not in favor of the spending plan. .

They said changes could be made to the plan until final board approval in June.

The approval of the preliminary budget on Thursday further authorized the posting and advertising of the district’s spending plan for 2021-2022.

Also during the meeting, the board approved:

¯ Minutes of the April 15th meeting.

¯ Minutes from May 5th Council Workshop.

¯ Financial reports and payment invoices.

¯ Contract with Nittany Learning Services for the provision of alternative education services for disruptive youth.

¯Apple Inc. price quote.

¯ First reading of revised JCSD Policy 709, Building Safety.

¯ Request to use facilities for Wes Diehl, Thompsontown Baptist Church, East Juniata High School softball field, Tuesdays and Thursdays from May to June, church softball; and Robert Landis, River Church, Juniata High School / Tuscarora Junior High School, Lawn, July 10, prayer gathering.

¯Food Service Management Company Renewal Year Refundable Cost Contract, from June 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022.

¯Richard A. Meily II as treasurer of the school board for a one year term and Polly S. Digon as secretary of the board for a three year term.

¯Review of Policy 810.1, School Bus Drivers and School Utility Vehicle Operators (which replaces current Policy 810.1, Policy on Drunk Driving and Drug Abuse, and Policy 810.2, Use of Cell Phones / Drivers of Buses), and Policy 810.4, School Vehicle Drivers.

¯ Sale of two district vans to Mike Maykut’s Towing for $ 1,025.

¯ First reading of policy 146.1, Trauma-informed approach, and first reading of revised policy 113.3, Behavior support; 203, Immunizations and communicable diseases; and 233, Suspension and expulsion.

¯ Create a post of special education teacher at Juniata elementary school, starting in the 2021-2022 school year.

¯ Resignation of Tanya L. Wolfe, paraprofessional at Juniata High School, effective April 19; and James P. Towsey, part-time EJHS caretaker, effective May 28.

¯Employment of Tyler S. Clark, Special Education Teacher at JES, effective August 23, subject to certification. Clark replaces Nancy Brackbill, who is retiring.

¯ Employed Makyla A. Seeger, Kelly L. Crouse, Julia M. Sanders, Lori L. Chubb, Matthew A. Wetzel and Tabbetha J. VanHorn-Price as instructors for a summer school program at an hourly rate. $ 35, paid by Financing.

¯Benjamin Wagner and Benjamin Tyson as 2021 summer workers at an hourly rate of $ 9.75.

¯ Transfers, effective 2021-2022 school year: Bobbie J. Kerstetter, from a special education teacher position at East Juniata Elementary School to a teacher position at East Juniata Elementary School Title 1; and Jessica L. Brosius, from a special education teacher position at Juniata Elementary School to a special education teacher position at East Juniata Elementary School.

¯Two requests for maternity leave.

¯ Conference requests for Travis Quici, PA State Athletic Directors Association Conference, May 27, Hershey; and Amanda Lightner, AP Language and Composition, June 28 to July 2, Online Summer Institutes / Allegheny Intermediate Unit.

¯ First reading of policies 340, 440 and 540, Responsibility for Student Welfare; and first reading of revised policies 333 and 433, Professional Development.

¯ Extracurricular positions: Abby Corman, assistant coach of women’s soccer; and Jeff Becker, volunteer women’s soccer coach.

¯ First Reading of Revised JCSD Policy 123.2, Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

¯ First Reading of Revised Policy 805.1, Relations with Law Enforcement Agencies; 805.2, Emergency Preparedness and Response; and 907, School visitors.

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