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As Longford beat Bracknell on Saturday, the Tigers won the first annual Jeff Chugg Cup in commemoration of the Bracknell legend. Chugg, who died late last month, captained seven premier teams at Bracknell, some of which included Longford players Josh Adams, Phil Dodd, Adam Smith, Ben Dodd, Dean Cousens and Cameron Bugg. Although his side fell for just 44 years after sacking Longford for a competitive 124, Bracknell coach Dylan Semmens described the celebration as “a good day”. ELSEWHERE IN SPORT “It meant a lot to be able to celebrate, there were people out there that we haven’t seen for a long time,” he said. “It shows the influence he has had on the Bracknell Cricket Club and the wider community in particular.” He established our culture of playing hard but fair cricket and was a great mentor. Longford captain Jackson Blair echoed Semmens ‘sentiments and believes the’ It was a very good day, the weather turned on for us and the crowd came out, it was an impressive crowd to watch at the game in honor of Jeff Chugg, “he said. Adams and Brett Fryett gave speeches after the contest, which saw Nasrullah Khan leave with player Jeff Chugg for the medal of the match after taking 5 -15 of his eight overs, including return wicket Jason Shelton.


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