Land Sterling expands its services by connecting investors to international real estate options

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A Trusted UK Property Expert

Land Sterling’s team of professional property experts has over 100 years of combined experience, in-depth knowledge and research-driven analysis of the location and property markets. With exceptional experience and expertise, Land Sterling is an undeniable market leader and one of the UK’s most trusted property experts.

Solid real estate portfolio

Land Sterling offers one of the highest returns on investment thanks to its strong mixed portfolio of high-yielding residential and commercial properties and robust and stable capital appreciation.

Located in some of the fastest growing cities in the world, investors can choose properties in Liverpool, Bracknell, Sheffield, Preston and Manchester.

The perfect time to invest

With a favorable exchange rate of the UAE dirham against the British pound, now is the perfect time for Middle Eastern investors to invest in one of the safest real estate markets in the world. Land Sterling’s expanding portfolio offers ideal investment options for investors seeking a stable return on investment, stable year-over-year capital appreciation or a home of their own when their children pursue higher education in two of the largest cities in the world.

Land Sterling’s investment team can also help investors in the Middle East with home loan applications which can be approached from some of the largest regional banks, such as ADCB, FAB, ADIB and Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait. . Personal loans can be up to £1 million and up to £3 million for commercial loans.

With a team of market experts from different areas of specialization in real estate and real estate advice, Land Sterling provides thought leadership and insightful recommendations on property investment in the Middle East and UK.

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