London-based sextech startup Killing Kittens run by school friend Kate Middleton secures £ 3million in funding

The UK company that hosts the most exclusive, decadent and hedonistic parties recently secured £ 3million in a Series A funding round.

Killing Kittens is a London-based startup founded by Emma Sayle, a friend of the Duchess of Cambridge when they were students at Downe House School in Berkshire.

Killing Kittens will use the funding to penetrate more markets, particularly in the United States, and expand its unique social network for the adult mainstream sector.

Sayle says: “I’m incredibly excited that a British sextech is about to take on the often prudish nature of Silicon Valley. When I created Killing Kittens in 2005, I wanted to free women to express themselves sexually. Now we can take our philosophy and our message and really open up the conversation about sex to the whole world, beyond all borders, and that makes me incredibly proud. “

What is killing kittens?

Killing Kittens was founded in 2005 in response to a demand from single, independent and creditworthy young girls and couples who needed something more. As a result, the company has created a safe space where a woman can indulge her desires and explore her sexuality.

In the process, UK society is bringing a healthier outlook to the dating scene by giving women more control over their sexual experiences.

“The party is all about the pursuit of female pleasure for the girls in control who know what they want as well as empowerment. adventurous couples from all over the world, ”the company states on its official website.

What started out as a sex party in a UK estate quickly grew into an international phenomenon. The company has hosted member-only social events in London, Berlin, Miami, New York, Los Angeles, and Sydney, among others.

According to the company’s claims, all participants must wear masks to cover their faces, thus keeping their identities a secret.

“It’s a free space where women feel comfortable and empowered,” Emma explained in an interview. “If they want to have sex, they can. But only if they want to – it’s never an expectation. A lot of people come and keep their clothes.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the company had to put events on hold for a period of time. However, they have organized online sex classes and virtual parties to keep their members engaged.

To date, the Relatively Underground Moment has over 140,000 members of all ages and backgrounds, including college students, single professionals, divorcees and swingers.

They are back

As the UK reopens again, demand for Killing Kittens famous sex parties has skyrocketed. The company has sold more than 2,000 tickets to events, including a “Fantastic Fully Immersive Experience Based on a Garden of Earthly Delights, Report Says.”

Tickets are fully sold from July to October. Sayle told LADbible: “In April, we released tickets for July and August and sold out in six hours, then doubled more events than we normally would in those months because the month August is generally quiet, then they sold out, so we are now sold out until October.

The Killing Kitten now employs around 14 full-time members and has an annual turnover of £ 1.5million. The company has recently started to expand into the LGBTQ + community.

“We want to live in a world where sex and sexuality are embraced, moving from current stigmas and stereotypes to a world where the world realizes that being sexual is just part of being human,” says the society.

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