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Despite losing three wickets in the last three balls of their innings, Longford advanced to the TCL Boom Grand Final with a draw against Bracknell. While Longford only needed a run to confirm her big place for the final with a win, Amy Buettel played Emily Scott before Nicole Davey ran out and Karlee Fulton was played – still sending the Tigers to the final. Striking first, Bracknell made it 5-104 as captain Cassie Walker scored with 27 and Stacey Norton-Smith (2-5) and Karlee Humphries (2-14) played tight. MORE WOMEN’S CRICKET: Caitlyn Webster reflects on South Norton-Smith’s six wins in 28 to get the Tigers off to a good start in the pursuit, but no other hitter made double digits as Bracknell’s 41 extras hurt them in the end. Walker (2-9) and Buettel (2-14) were superb with the ball, giving Bracknell a direct qualifying shot. They’ll have to wait until next week for the chance to secure a big berth in the final against Trevallyn – who beat the ACL by 29 points in the eliminator. At bat first, Trevallyn went 3-138, led by the prowess of Maxine Woods (25 *), Tracey Miller (23 *) and Heather Styles (25 *). MORE WOMEN’S CRICKET: Women’s raiders in the final after clearing New Town With resident power hitter Narine Maurangi out for the ACL’s biggest game, Sally Kershaw took on the big responsibilities in the pursuit – hitting 20 of 10 at number three before being exhausted – while Danielle Kelly retired on a compound of 25. Christina Kelly’s 12s turned out to be the second best score after her sister retired as Trevallyn lost ACL in points – finishing on 6-109. Trevallyn will face Bracknell next Sunday in the preliminary final.



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