Love Island 2022: See the full list as the cast is revealed

The nation’s favorite dating show, Love Island returns to screens for series eight on Monday, June 6.

Before the show started, ITV announced the cast of the reality show and you can meet them all.

Love Island 2022: Meet the Islanders

Paige Thorne:

Paige Hope. (IVT)

Instagram handle: @paigethornex

Swansea paramedic Paige Throne, 24, will visit the Love Island villa next week.

She said: ‘In Swansea I can’t find anyone, I’ve tried and there’s no one left. I need to get out and expand my horizons and Love Island brings everyone together for me. I don’t need to go out and I don’t need to slip. So, I hope they can come see me now.

Damien Hope:

Bracknell News: Dami Hope (ITV)Dami Hope (ITV)

Instagram handle: @damihope

The second candidate to be announced is Dublin-based Dami Hope, a 26-year-old senior microbiologist.

Discussing his reason for going to the villa, he said: “This year I was kind of more open to new things and I actually think that’s why I put myself there. to live new experiences.

“Love Island is a different experience, I’m going to talk to different girls, it might not go well with some, it might go well with others, so it’s a fun experience.”

Indiya Polak

Bracknell News: Indiyah Polack.  (IVT) Indiya Polak. (IVT)

Instagram handle: @1ndiyah

23-year-old hotel waitress Indiyah from London is the next romantic who hopes to find love at the iconic villa.

Sharing why Love Island and why now, Indiyah said, “I’m ready to meet new people and start dating properly.

“I’ve been single for a while and I feel like for my generation it’s pretty hard to date someone without being influenced by social media and stuff like that.

“Love Island, in particular, is like a closed space and I think it’s a great place to get to know someone one-on-one and make a real connection.”

Liam Llewellyn

Bracknell News: Liam Llewellyn (ITV)Liam Llewellyn (ITV)

Instagram handle: @liamllew_

Born in Newport, Liam is a 22-year-old Masters in Strength and Conditioning student and ready to flirt.

Saying he thinks “22 is a really nice age to meet someone, you have years ahead of you, so you have time to have experiences and grow together.

“I think Love Island is a great opportunity to meet someone, you’re with a bunch of different types so you can get to know what you really like about people.”

Tasha Ghouri

Bracknell News: Tasha Ghouri (ITV)Tasha Ghouri (ITV)

Instagram handle: @tashaghouri

Tasha, 23, is a model and dancer from Thirsk and is set to be Love Islands’ first-ever deaf contestant.

Sharing how her love life has been, Tasha said: “My love life has been a mess.

“It’s an opportunity for me to find ‘the right one’ and have a great summer at the same time.

“I’m definitely ready for a relationship. I’m 23 now, so I’m ready to meet someone, go on vacation and travel with them.”

Davide Sanclimenti

Bracknell News: Davide Sanclimenti.  (IVT)David Sanclimenti. (IVT)

Instagram handle: @davidesancli

Known as the Italian Stallion, Davide is 27, was born in Rome and now lives in Manchester as a business owner.

The Italian heads to the villa to show his romantic side: “I’m going to be the Villa’s Italian stud! With my Italian charm, I can also be a very romantic guy.

“I’m good looking and I’ve realized since I arrived in Manchester, a lot of English girls really like me. They like being with me and I like being with them. It’s going to be fun, I can’t wait to go there be.

“I want to find my soul mate, find my person so I can actually build something in the future, grow with them, be a family.”

Gemma Owen

Bracknell News: Gemma Owen.  (IVT)Gemma Owen. (IVT)

Instagram handle: @gemowen_1

Gemma, 19, is an international dressage rider and business owner from Chester.

Gemma says she’s hoping for a really fun summer, saying, “I’m ready to find love, I want to have a really fun summer. I was seeing someone and then it didn’t work out so I thought: ” Why not ? ”

Ikenna Ekwonna

Bracknell News: Ikenna Ekwonna (ITV)Ikenna Ekwonna (ITV)

Instagram username: @ikenna._

Ikenna, 23, is from Nottingham and can’t wait to land at the villa.

Having only ever had one relationship, he says he’s now at the age where he’s ready to find someone.

Say, “I hope I’m going to bring spontaneity and excitement. I’m not really shy about talking to people and I don’t really care what people think.”

André Le Page

Bracknell News: Andrew Le Page (ITV)Andrew Le Page (ITV)

Instagram handle: @andrewlepage

Born in Guernsey, Andrew is a 27 year old estate agent ready to settle down and find the right one for you.

Discussing the reason for Love Island, he said: “Because I’m actually single for once, so I thought why not? This is the best time to try.”

Amber Beckford

Bracknell News: Amber Beckford (ITV)Amber Beckford (ITV)

Instagram handle: @amberbeckford

Amber, 24, is from London and works as a nanny, but is ready to settle down and find the right one.

Saying, “I think it’s just the right time. This year I really feel like it’s two feet. I feel like now I’m definitely ready and want to look for a little friend.”

Luca Bich

Bracknell News: Luca Bish (ITV)Luca Bish (ITV)

Instagram handle: @lucabish

Brighton-born Luca is a 23-year-old fishmonger who has just gotten out of a four-year relationship.

And he goes to the villa to meet this one: “When you look back on Love Island, you can see how many couples it’s really made. I don’t know how many children Love Island has made but there a few of it is there?”

Love Island will return to our screens on Monday June 6 at 9 p.m. on ITV and ITV Hub.

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