Maidenhead Smokey’s nightclub could open in new downtown development

A shopping center in the process of being transformed into a thriving shopping and nightlife district has offered one of its spaces to a nightclub.

The owners of Smokey’s in Maidenhead have expressed fears they will be left without suitable space after plans to redevelop Nicholson’s Mall were approved last month.

Nightclub owners said they had been “left in limbo” and feared they would be forced to sell and move out, through the use of a mandatory buy order.

In a Facebook post last week, Smokey’s, which has been shut down due to Covid-19, said it would fight the potential use of such an order in court after senior advisers agreed to ‘allow developers to use this power if negotiations stall.

But at a Maidenhead Town forum on Wednesday, March 31, Barbara Richardson, managing director of the council’s real estate company, announced that the nightclub had “offered space” on the ground floor. -floor parking proposed on several floors of Broadway.

The car park is owned by the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead Council.

She also said the developers, Denhead LLC, had offered to cover the capital cost of fitting out that space for the nightclub to the same specifications they currently have.

Two pending deals have yet to be reached by the two sides, including whether the new Smokey’s site can house a smoking area, so users don’t have to enter and exit security to be able to smoke.

Ms Richardson said: ‘Within the underground element of the car park, we are trying to see through the licensing authority whether or not a secure conservatory effect would be suitable and whether it meets the right regulations in regarding people who can still smoke there.

Another agreement that has yet to be reached concerns the aspect of real space.

Ms Richardson added: “I think this is the easiest to negotiate and agree to.

“I think the hardest one, which the owners of Smokey’s have always said is really important to them and the hardest part is just being able to take care of a space deemed closed where people can smoke without leave the premises and come back again.

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