Maine Woman has the largest collection of umbrella covers in the world


I used to collect sea glass when I was little and I loved it! I was very proud to see my collection grow. As I got older, my collection was put on the back burner. Getting a job and paying the bills started to really cut into the hours I was able to devote once digging for sea glass. Unfortunately, I stopped adding to the collection. But don’t worry, I still have it! He proudly sits in a glass vase in my apartment! I think people who collect things are cool ESPECIALLY if their collections have been around for decades.

Nancy Hoffman of Peaks Island, Maine is the proud owner of the largest collection of umbrella covers in the world. You do not believe me? Just check out Guinness and its book of world records! They have held the title since July 2, 2012 (next year will be their 10th anniversary!) A few months ago, the collection now has 2000 covers!

According to, Nancy has converted her house into an Umbrella Cover Museum. They give tours, have a gift shop, they even have an official song for the museum! The words go like this:

“Whenever the sky is gray,

Don’t worry or worry,

A smile will bring the sun,

And you will never get wet!

So let a smile be your umbrella

A rainy and rainy day

Just let a smile be your umbrella

A rainy and rainy day

And if your darling is crying, just tell her

That a smile will always pay ”

I like to think that Nancy is performing this little accordion song in the photo below:

The Umbrella Cover Museum is sort of a national treasure. It has been featured on NPR, The Weather Channel, BBC, NY Times, Boston Globe and more. They open for the season on Memorial Day weekend. Discovering this quirky place (and visiting Peaks Island) is on my summer bucket list.

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