Mama saw what she didn’t see

Mario Rodriguez Graniel and Guy Rejwan were visiting Florence, Italy, in November 2019 when Mr. Graniel said he felt “now is the time to discuss any special engagement plans in the near future” with Mr. Rejwan, whom Mr. Graniel had been dating for three years.

“In same-sex relationships, there’s really no telling when you’re supposed to get engaged or who’s supposed to propose to whom,” said Mr. Graniel, 35, who works in Manhattan as the fashion company’s vice president. Fendi luxury. .

“I really wanted to have this conversation with Guy to avoid any misunderstanding or confusion,” Mr. Graniel added.

But when he broached the subject of an engagement with Mr Rejwan over dinner on their trip, Mr Graniel discovered that the ‘near future’ he was talking about was much sooner than he thought. .

“Mario, you just proposed,” recalls Mr. Rejwan, 35. “Yes, I want to get married,” he told Mr. Graniel, “and you just asked me to.”

Despite his confusion, Mr. Graniel said he was not going to waste precious time with Mr. Rejwan, the chief executive of Rejwan Group, a residential real estate investment company in Manhattan that he started in June 2015.

“What is it,” he said. “I just went with it.”

Mr. Graniel, of Mexican descent, graduated summa cum laude from Babson College in Wellesley, Mass. Mr. Rejwan, an Israeli, is a graduate of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. They met in September 2013 at Columbia University, where each eventually earned an MBA.

“There was a spark that existed from the day we met,” Graniel said, but the two didn’t cross a platonic line during their years in business school. Instead, they chose to remain best friends, and during that time lived in separate apartments in Lower Manhattan, Mr. Rejwan on Prince Street and Mr. Graniel on Mott Street.

“You keep telling me about Guy as a friend, but I think you have something more,” Mr Graniel recalled. “Sometimes love isn’t that hard, sometimes it’s right in front of you.”

Mr. Graniel took it from there, emailing Mr. Rejwan a letter about wanting to try to be more than friends. “I wrote to Guy and said, ‘I know it’s been a while since we’ve talked about dating, but I think it was about time.'”

Mr. Rejwan said he was “upset” after reading Mr. Graniel’s text. “That same evening Mario visited me at my apartment and he never left,” Mr Rejwan said. “We’ve been living together ever since.”

Soon after, they began hosting Shabbat dinners in what became their shared apartment on Prince Street. They also spent time getting to know each other’s family, to the point where their parents became good friends.

Before the two got engaged, Mr. Graniel’s parents, who live in Villahermosa, Mexico, went with the couple to visit Mr. Rejwan’s family in Israel for Passover, celebrating the holiday with dinner at the house in Jerusalem where Mr. Rejwan grew up.

They tied the knot on Jan. 23 at the couple’s apartment on West 15th Street in Manhattan. Fernando Harp, cousin of Mr. Graniel and friend of the couple ordained as Universal Life Church ministers, officiated before eight vaccinated guests.

Neither parent was present, but they were all among 115 guests vaccinated at a second celebration hosted by the bride and groom on Jan. 29 at Jardín Etnobotánico de Oaxaca, a botanical garden in Oaxaca City, Mexico.

At the biggest celebration, the two bride and groom were led down the aisle by their mothers, a touching moment that took on added meaning for Mr. Graniel, who might not have attempted love with Mr. Rejwan if his mother hadn’t expressed her feelings about their relationship.

“The circle was complete,” said Mr. Graniel. “There was so much love in the air and everyone was crying. It was a really beautiful scene.”

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