Mayor-elect Eric Adams cancels 10 fundraisers

New York City Mayor-elect Eric Adams has canceled a series of fundraisers planned for this month, starting with an event scheduled for Monday evening co-hosted by a colorful public relations executive and divisive source whose closeness had drawn unwanted attention.

Mr Adams, who will take office on Jan. 1, is scrambling to fill positions in his administration and to manage his new status as the darling of some powerful circles in Manhattan that had more limited access to the outgoing mayor, Bill de Blasio.

“We canceled 10 fundraisers planned for December because the Transition fundraising effort in November was extremely successful, bringing in enough donations to pay for both the grand opening and the staff to help prepare for the event. ‘administration of the mayor-elect to start on Day 1,’ Adams spokesman Evan Thies said in an email.

Monday night’s fundraiser was to be co-hosted by Ronn Torossian, the managing director of a public relations firm, 5WPR, whose prominent presence alongside Mr. Adams in recent months has angered Mr. Adams, two people familiar with their relationship said. It was to be held at Zero Bond, NoHo’s private club where Mr. Adams is known to fraternize into the night, especially since winning the Democratic nomination in July.

A range of New York interests had sought to win the goodwill of the new mayor by contributing to Mr. Adams’ committees. Among the canceled fundraisers, there is one organized by the New York Electrical Contractors Association and another by Muslim community activist Debbie Almontaser, Thies said.

But Mr. Adams did not cancel all of his events. He still plans to attend an event on Dec. 16 hosted by former mayor Michael Bloomberg, Thies said, but it is no longer a fundraiser. Mr Bloomberg backed Mr Adams in the general election and the mayor-elect relied on the former mayor for advice.

A spokesperson for Zero Bond said the club does not comment on events organized by its members.

The canceled Zero Bond event highlights the sudden arrival of Mr. Adams as a power broker in Manhattan after a career in Brooklyn across the river from Manhattan’s elite. Mr. Torossian is a new friend who helped introduce Mr. Adams to personalities in the real estate and entertainment industry, and crucially led him to the exclusive Zero Bond, which Mr. Adams used as informal transitional headquarters.

While many politicians carefully manage their relationships to avoid potential favor seekers, conflicts of interest or simple embarrassment, Mr. Adams has thrown himself head first into the new circles opened by his election, soaring even for Puerto Rico on a jet owned by the cryptocurrency investor. Brock Pierce.

But Mr Torossian’s particularly controversial story and his notoriety alongside Mr Adams sparked a wave of media coverage, including an unflattering story from the Daily Beast that revisited some of Mr Torossian’s controversial clients, including several were allies of former President Donald Trump. , as well as his “street-brawler” style and his secular emails.

“It’s great that Eric has hit his fundraising goals and is oversubscribed,” Torossian said in a text message on Saturday. “Its pro-business and pro-police policies are what NYC needs.”

None of Adams’ collaborators who had sought to drive their boss away from Mr. Torossian wanted to speak for the record, possibly because of his reputation as a stubborn enemy.

Mr Torossian bought a website called Everything PR in 2014, former site editor Phil Butler told The New York Times. A former 5WPR employee said Mr. Torossian operates the site, where he regularly promotes his company’s work.

For example, under the headline “Pornhub is a Necessary Viewing for PR Professionals,” one story concludes, “Pornhub has brilliant PR. Their PR agency in the United States is 5WPR.

Mr. Torossian declined to comment on Everything PR.

The site is also attacking other public relations firms that Mr. Torossian has clashed with. After Ken Frydman, a New York public relations manager, won a contract that 5WPR also requested, Mr. Frydman’s company received a negative review on Everything PR, stating: “We cannot in good faith recommend this agency. “

“I should sue Ronn for slander and libel,” Mr. Frydman said. “But I don’t have time to stand in this long line.”

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