Monmouth County has one of the wealthiest towns in NJ


Let’s face it. There is a lot of money circulating in the Garden State. Most of it, of course, goes out of our pockets and ends up in someone else’s, but there is certainly no shortage of money in our state. And now that the 2021 numbers have been released, a city in Monmouth County has almost climbed to the top of New Jersey, ranking among the top 5 richest cities in the state.

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Of course, several wealthy cities immediately spring to mind. The first two cities that came to mind are both extremely wealthy, but it wasn’t the city that made New Jersey’s 2021 list.

I was thinking about Colts Neck and Holmdel, two great guesses if I may say so myself, but also two wrong answers, so which city did it? I’ll give you a hint. When you walk through it, you might feel like you are in a different universe. A very beautiful place, very cinematographic.

By now you’ve probably narrowed it down, or maybe zoned to that one town it needs to be, and if you’ve named the town history of Rumson, then you’re 100% right. This beautiful town in Monmouth County is ranked 3rd richest city in our state for 2021.

Check out this incredible number, according to Home Snacks. The median household income in Rumson is $ 188,906. That statistic alone makes Rumson the # 1 median household income among the top 10 cities on this list.

And by the way, New Jersey was recently ranked as the 11th richest state in the country, according to Home Snacks as well. which means Rumson is among the richest cities in the country.

It must be nice.

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