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Becoming independent is one of the most important decisions an advisor can make. Going from being an employee to running your own business is a huge decision. Even the simple fact of changing companies once they are already independent is a major problem. There are a thousand considerations beyond the obvious – branding, client retention, compensation – and advisors need incredible support when making those decisions and even well beyond onboarding. initial with a new cabinet.

Momentum Independent Network is focused on helping advisors with a smooth move. Instead of focusing on the ‘transition’, the dynamics smoothly evolve it, removing much of the anxiety associated with business change. We provide tailor-made support, personalized marketing consultation, business development roadmap, comprehensive oversight and compliance, among many other included services such as insurance. Momentum also offers a company-specific technology platform and training so your team can be up to date in no time.

Your customers will also feel how easy the transition is, with Momentum offering a seamless and compliant customer paperwork process. And because Momentum is affiliated with HilltopSecurities, a leading municipal investment bank and one of the nation’s largest clearing houses *, your clients will benefit from superior execution, market research and insight. , as well as a robust trading platform.

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* As of August 17, 2019. Based on the number of broker clients. Investment news.

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