New Jersey women among America’s richest women

Two of America’s Richest Women Have Strong Connections to the Garden State Each of these women is in the top 5 richest women in the country, and that’s an impressive feather for our state.

The richest woman in America, according to the Stacker article, is Alice Walton, of the Walton family who brought us Walmart, and her net worth is $ 64 billion. Just as a perspective, if she spent $ 10,000 a day, she wouldn’t have any money at the age of 17,600. Wrap your head around it.

So how far down the list do we have to go to get to the first great Garden State connection? In fact, not very far at all. Second place on the list is held by MacKensie Scott, former wife of Jeff Bezos. She graduated from Princeton University in 1992 and is currently No. 2 on the list of richest women in the country, with a net worth of $ 53 billion. She is the 22nd richest person on the planet.

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Going down the list a bit to # 4, you find Jacqueline Mars, from the famous candy company that has made New Jersey home for many years. She lived in Bedminster from 1986 to 1994 and has a current net worth of $ 31.3 billion.

And Laurene Powell Jobs, wife of the late Apple founder Steve Jobs, also finds herself firmly in the top 10 of this list. She was born and raised in West Milford and is listed in 6th place, with a net worth of $ 18.7 billion.

It’s pretty impressive for these amazing women and for the Garden State. It’s 3 in the top 10. They are strong women who perform well, and we are proud of that. Congratulations!

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