New York court suspends Giuliani for ‘false’ statements about Trump

Rudy Giuliani’s legal license is suspended in New York for making “false and misleading statements” that “threaten the public interest”.

The New York State Supreme Court on Thursday suspended former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, 77, from practicing law in New York state. The move is linked to Giuliani’s “false and misleading” statements following the election defeat of former President Donald Trump.

“We find that there is undisputed evidence that the Respondent communicated clearly false and misleading statements to the courts, lawmakers and the general public in his capacity as counsel for former President Donald J. Trump and the campaign. Trump in connection with Trump’s failure for re-election in 2020, ”the court document says.

The document alleges that Giuliani “threatens the public interest” and made false statements to help Trump claim the election was stolen due to widespread electoral fraud.

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“These false statements were made to unduly reinforce the Respondent’s account that due to widespread electoral fraud, the victory in the 2020 US Presidential Election was stolen from his client. We find that the conduct of the respondent immediately threatens the public interest and justifies a provisional suspension of the practice of law, ”the document states.

The suspension takes effect immediately.

Giuliani told NBC News the decision was ridiculous.

“Everything I said about [the election] comes from one witness, sometimes two or three witnesses ”, Giuliani told NBC News. “I have affidavits from them. I have the video, I have the audio. And instead of watching that, they listen to the bogus claims that have been made by Democrats.

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