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The NTFA’s rich connection with its Indigenous players will be celebrated at Rocherlea Football Ground as part of the Indigenous round of the competition. The day will feature a renowned match between Premier League rivals the Suburban Tigers and Bracknell. Jacob Hawkins of Rocherlea played six native round robin matches during his tenure with the club. “I always enjoy it very much, it’s always a big game and there are always a lot of people here,” he said. “A lot of the boys here have an aboriginal history and they love the round – a lot of the boys get around them and we just enjoy it together.” The Tigers beat top Longford team by six points last week; Hawkins has said his team’s game against the Redlegs will be another test. “They have a good roster – they’ve always had a good team, we have a bit of a rivalry so it’s going to be a good game against them,” he said. TSL: Ex-Blue debuts for North, fast forward impresses BCG Christensen to face Blues after quick hamstring recovery Complacency is not a word in Thorp’s dictionary After losing to Tigers of Longford before a bye, Joe Chilcott of the Redlegs said this weekend’s game will be huge. “We are looking to bounce back and show the competition what we have,” he said. Rocherlea President Graeme Gardner said that “the northern suburb has a number of indigenous members who live in the area and what we want to do is embrace that and make them feel welcome at the club.” The day will also include appearances in the form of Neil Balme, Cats and Crows legend Ronnie Burns, and former Hobart Devils player and coach Cal Bruton. NTFAW clubs, the Meander Valley Suns and the Old Launcestonians, will also play an exhibition match. Both teams are on leave, but Suns player Paige Maynard said both teams saw a chance to contribute to this important round. “We took that as a perfect opportunity – we got the pass this week, so we thought we were going to take the opportunity to jump on such a good lap,” she said. “As a Native myself, I am honored by the club [Rocherlea] took this opportunity and I’m really excited for the weekend. Maynard said she was aware of herself and another Sun who identified as Aboriginal on the team, and added that this weekend would be special not just for them, but for everyone. the participants. We are really proud to play this weekend and to represent our people and to show women’s football in such a great tour, ”she said. “As an indigenous woman, playing in a newly developed AFL format and representing indigenous peoples, it is a great honor for me and I am so proud to play and have this war this weekend.”



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