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Bracknell ended his long-running drought as Prime Minister with an emphatic display on South Launceston from 9.13 (67) to 7.6 (48) in the NTFA Premier League Grand Final. The Redlegs aimed to reverse a premier drought that lasted into 1997, a simpler period before iPhones and TikTok, and came out with notable intention. Forward-defender Jacob Huett continued his formidable series of attacks with the game’s opening two goals to establish an early lead for the Redlegs. The second goal was a crisp snap of the limit as Huett kicked the wrong end for a right foot to challenge physics as the ball split down the middle. The Bulldogs managed to get a goal thanks to a formidable juggling mark from Jordan Tepper, who duly converted. After that, the ball lived in Bracknell’s attack zone for most of the first term. While Bracknell’s coach Corry Goodluck’s mantra of pressure and intensity had been ubiquitous this season, Bracknell’s defensive wall had also been one that routinely choked opponents’ ball movement out of their defensive zone. The ball existed in the Bracknell attack zone to such an extent that some wondered if he should pay rent if it was no longer a casual stay. The two teams traded one goal each in an austere second term as the Bulldogs failed to take the lead from the Redlegs. Bracknell’s offensive star Callum Mulder took advantage of a lucky moment with his aerial shot towards goal. The ball deflected with a turn that would make SK Warne proud of Aaron Viney to go to the net for a goal. South Launceston eventually generated some momentum in the third term with back-to-back goals resurrecting their chances of getting the flag. Thomas Beaumont finished in class on the run before Bulldogs captain Luke McCarthy scored for a true captain’s goal. If the second quarter was a sedative affair, the third quarter pressed the snooze button until the last minutes. Bracknell’s big key man Sam Douglas found himself head-to-head in the 50 offensives and spread out to take a mark as the Bulldogs were caught in transition. Douglas undid some of the Bulldogs’ good work as they went into the final change with three goals and one down change. Mulder scored a first square goal as Bracknell rained down goals in the last term. Sam Goodluck and Huett also converted, despite some resistance from the Bulldogs, as Bracknell made sure their premier drought ended at the final siren. The Premier’s success was fueled by the Redlegs’ major recruiting drive ahead of the start of the season. Goodluck has spoken on several occasions throughout the Finals series that the club are obsessed with returning to the Finals for 2021. The off-season rookies which included Josh Holland, Sam Douglas, Sam Borlini, Jack Triffett, Matty Dennis Nick Mitchell and Zac Connell were targeted for their experience, which paid off in the series finale. said after the game. Goodluck said it was a team mentality that delivered Bracknell his long-awaited flag. “We knew the rookies would be good and help us out, but the guys who have been at the club for years have really improved their level,” he said. One of Bracknell’s key off-season rookies, Josh Holland, won the Clarrie Boon medal for best on court honors. “He’s a real athlete, a real professional at what he does, his professionalism towards the kids and the squad is really good,” said Goodluck. “He started well this year, he had a few injuries during the year but he always said he was going to be ready for the good end of the year and I thank him, he carried us on his back this whole campaign. ” Bracknell is a small town but it is well known for voice tracking of their beloved Redlegs on match day. Whether it’s Bracknell, Deloraine or UTAS Stadium, the Red and White Army has been eager to see the club reach the ultimate prize. “Probably one of the reasons I took the job was to give back to the community for what they gave us,” he said. “Seeing the smiles on their faces is second to none, they’ve never had a prime ministerial position in this league and doing the job for them is full credit and it breaks my heart to see their smiles after the game.” Monkey. is on their backs to them and all of their hard work has paid off. “Do you know anyone who contributes to the sport of Northern Tasmania, whether by participating or helping? Players, coaches, volunteers, teams and clubs from across the region. Applications open from Wednesday April 14th. and will close at midnight on October 4 Entries must include a photo of the participant.




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