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In 1969, writer Pete Hamill made a modest proposition on the cover of this magazine: Manhattanites looking for “a decent city life without breaking the bank” should consider moving to Brooklyn, especially the Park Slope. then thriving, where Hamill himself had grown up. A year later, as artists (and, increasingly, other New Yorkers) battled for live-work lofts in post-industrial Soho, New York was there to chronicle too. And again 14 years later, when real estate speculators went all-in on the Lower East Side. And eight years later, we were there when Williamsburg suddenly became Soho, part two.

For New Yorkers, real estate has always been a subject of almost compulsive fascination, stress, envy and admiration. For New York Magazine, it was an inexhaustible source of good stories. In Read again: Real Estate Mania, On the next installment of our newsletter miniseries from the archives, we’ll be sharing ten unforgettable real estate stories, ranging from reports on changing neighborhoods to “it’ll keep you up at night” stories about truly terrible life situations.

Each week you’ll receive a classic feature, brought to you by Town Editor Christopher Bonanos. He’ll dive into the story behind each story and tell us what it has to say about our current moment of real estate craze.

We look forward to reading with you.

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