Ocean County Winner! The Jersey Cash 5 jackpot went to Lanoka Ha

WOW! Can you imagine waking up to a winning lottery ticket? What would you buy? Or would you like to invest it or save it? This speech from the local winner makes me think, it can really be us! I can’t hemp but dream a little … special congratulations to our local winner from Lanoka port !!!!

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The numbers of two lucky winners matched the five numbers drawn. The two winners shared the prize of $ 1,329,672.00 by giving them each $ 664,836.00 before taxes. Not bad is not it ?!?! The winners were drawn from the draw on Saturday July 31st. The winning numbers were 09, 13, 26, 30 and 38 and the XTRA number has been: 02.

The retailers who sold the tickets are happy too! They will receive a bonus check of $ 2,000 for each winning ticket sold. The winning tickets were sold to:

Somerset County: Wegmans Grocery Store, 724 Route 202 S., Bridgewater

Ocean County: 7-Eleven # 16164, 403 Main St. Route 9, Lanoka Harbor

I was curious as to whether lottery winners should be public in New Jersey. I know that I personally would like this information to be private. It appears to be a large flashing sign telling every crook or thief that you have money to steal. Plus, you know people will come out of the woods once they know you’ve had a windfall winnings. What I found out is that since 2020 a law has been passed under Governor Murphy that it is the winners’ choice whether they want to be public or not, which I find great.

Whoever you are, I wish you lots of fun with your new earnings! If you want to scream it from the top of the mountains, the Jersey Shore Morning Show is the place to party! Congratulations! Wow!

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