One-Stop Turnkey Solution for Prefab BACK HOUSES

By Danielle Nederend

The bad news first, but the good news is just behind.

It looks like San Diego has now financially earned the label of “America’s Finest City” – currently the most expensive city in the country. As more and more people flock to the perpetually sunny city, the availability of homes has noticeably decreased. The result: home builders and investors are now turning to prefabricated homes rather than traditional on-site construction. 30% more affordable. Faster to build. Fewer permits. Faster return on investment.

As the demand for these homes grows, so does the demand for services from start to finish, from design to construction to permitting. Homebuilders are having difficulty finding contractors with such a tight market for labor and materials.

Enter good news from your Vista Family Owned Manufactured Homes Dealer and Contractor: Crest Backyard Homes.

“We used the term ‘backyard’ in the ADU industry – it quickly went viral,” says founder and owner John Arendsen. Licensed Manufactured Home and General Contractor, Licensed Manufactured Home Dealer, Park Model Dealer and Real Estate Broker, Arendsen wears many badges in order to provide all of these services.

But customer testimonials confirm that Crest Backyard Homes is the real deal.

“He took ownership of the process from day one,” says new Vista backyard owner Dave Duff. “They were always there to straighten out county backlogs. They advised on building the project with potential cost changes. Communication was top notch on every detail.”

Arendsen and his family have been in the manufactured home industry for 38 years. They designed and installed their first prefabricated house in 2002 in Leucadia. Now his Crest Backyard Homes team features a star-studded cast.

His managerial teammate, Tim Hipps, shares all hats with Arendsen and lives by the creed that “the devil is in the details.” General contractor Jesse Freund recently installed San Diego’s first-ever 3D printed ADU and is managing site development for the team. Lenska Bracknell, a licensed real estate broker and analyst, as well as a licensed drone and fixed-wing pilot specializing in real estate photography, brings decades of industry experience. She’s always ready to put on a tool belt and jump into the trenches.

From the first phone conversation with founder, John Arendsen, to a zoom video conference with the team, to an in-depth site assessment with Bracknell, to site preparation and an underground electrical outlet with Freund, Crest Backyard Homes offers customers a turnkey one-stop shop. wrap.

“50% of our clients use the houses as rentals because it’s a great way to subsidize their income,” says Arendsen. For good reason. The construction costs of fabricated solutions are approximately 30% lower than building from scratch. Floor-to-ceiling constructions typically cost between $300 and $500/square foot; while backyard homes round out $200-275/sq.ft. The turnaround time to build a backyard home is much faster than a built site. The faster a project is completed, the faster the lease payments arrive. Crest Backyard Homes prepares investors to maximize their investment.

Bracknell’s comprehensive site assessments provide clients with before and after home value and ROI. Crest’s expertise in the backyard industry secures customers their future financing.

Customers who rely on Crest Backyard Homes for their own residences are more than satisfied.

“There is so much to say. All the issues – their team was there,” Duff comments. “The finished product is what my wife wanted, that’s what was important. They nailed it.

To get started, call owner John Arendsen at (760) 815-6977.

If he doesn’t pick up, leave a voicemail and he’ll call you back.

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