Overview of Bracknell and Wokingham planning

It was an unusually slow week for planning applications at Bracknell, but business was business as usual at Wokingham with a number of business applications submitted and approved.

In Bracknell, an application has been refused for the proposed development of six new residential units on land in Winkfield Row.

Meanwhile, in Wokingham, plans have been approved for the redevelopment of the former Auto Trader offices into commercial premises and parking. A proposal has been given the green light to erect a new outbuilding to be used as a day care center on Basingstoke Road, along with a bid to build new temporary changing rooms at a school.

To see each plan in detail in Bracknell Forest, enter the planning reference in brackets into the search bar on the borough’s planning portal here: https://planapp.bracknell-forest.gov.uk/online-applications/

To see plans in the Borough of Wokingham, go to the council’s planning portal: https://planning.wokingham.gov.uk/FastWebPL/welcome.asp

Application Denied for Winfield Row Six-Unit Project (21/00128/FUL)

A proposal to build six new residential homes on land south of Lambrook on Chavey Down Road has been turned down.

The site, currently grassland, is located north of Winkfield Row and southwest of the village of Winkfield. To the west of the proposed development area are a number of residential buildings, including Ronans – a Grade II listed building.

The plan received 11 objections from the public and was not even upheld on appeal.

Approved plan to redevelop former Auto Trader offices (214046)

Bracknell News:

A proposal to demolish the Auto Trader House and Hartman House at Danehill in the Lower Earley to make way for a single industrial and logistics building and parking for 48 vehicles has been approved.

Planning permission had initially been granted for the redevelopment of the site into 76 residential units and for the transformation of the existing buildings into 26 dwellings. However, neither application has been implemented.

The site will be accessible from a new entrance, located in a position similar to the existing one but reformed for articulated vehicles. There will be green space at the entrance that will allow for signage, car parking – including blue badge locations and bike racks – and planting.

Retrospective application for the construction of an outbuilding for use as a crèche in Wokingham (213618)

Bracknell News:

Permission has been granted for the construction of a shack-style outbuilding in a residential property on Basingstoke Road, which will be used as a child care centre.

The outbuilding has already been erected by the applicant, replacing a chicken coop which was previously located on the site.

The building will measure 6.096 meters by 2.74 meters in height.

Hours of operation for the proposed use are Monday through Thursday: 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. with an average attendance of five children and a maximum capacity of eight.

Permission granted to erect two modular units to serve as school locker rooms (220678)

Bracknell News:

A request to build two temporary modular units for changing rooms at St Crispin’s School has been approved.

The school, located on London Road in Wokingham, currently has 1,230 pupils. Due to the increase in student numbers over the past 70 years, some school facilities do not meet current school requirements.

The building will provide additional changing rooms for 100 pupils – one block for boys and one for girls – for a period of two years.

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