Paper preview: Bracknell, Ascot and Wokingham

A helpless wife says she fears for her husband who is trapped in Ukraine in the middle of a war zone. Natalia Vil from Bracknell has opened up about her fears for her husband’s safety and says she ‘desperately wants to be by his side’.

The couple have three children together, aged 14, 15 and 18 months, so she has to stay in England. Her husband Andrey flew to Ukraine to visit his mother but is currently unable to return.

He is one of many Ukrainian men who have been banned from leaving the country and told to join the army. It comes after Russia launched a devastating attack on Ukraine, a European democracy of 44 million people, and its forces are on the outskirts of the capital, Kyiv. Natalia said: “I feel horrible. I feel like I need to go and be with him, but I can’t leave the kids.

He was with his brother and they woke up to very loud noises – they had to hide in the basement. “He told me ‘You’ll never understand what it’s like to be in this situation’ so it’s hard to understand. He’s a strong young man, but he’s scared to death. His husband helps currently people in the city of Uman, which has a population of about 82,600.

Also in the log:

  • An officer’s cheap trick to beat car thieves
  • Four generations celebrate the 100th birthday of the Bracknell woman
  • Savvy shoppers hail the arrival of the new Home Bargains store in Bracknell
  • A last-minute bid to cut council tax hikes in Bracknell was floated at a crucial budget meeting last week.
  • A show of artists will animate the city center next month.
  • A Bracknell councilor has come under fire for his allegation of ‘low attendance’ at council meetings.
  • 3,500 runners took to the streets in the Wokingham Half Marathon.
  • A Bracknell retirement home has taken a new approach to staying fit in partnership with a popular 80s fitness queen.
  • Veterinary Surgery Staff Celebrate After ‘Best Practice of the Year’ Nomination
  • Cycle with veterans on the Royal British Legion Poppy Ride through the South Downs

Wokingham News

RUNNERS of all ages took to the streets on Sunday to take part in the annual Wokingham Half Marathon. More than 3,500 runners gathered at 10 a.m. to compete in the 13-mile race for another sold-out year.

The route, which started and ended at Cantley Park on Twyford Road, featured mostly flat surfaces and was entirely on closed roads. Mayor Keith Baker sounded the horn for the main race and mini mile alongside Wokingham Borough Council leader John Halsall.

The first man to cross the finish line in the main race was Reading Joggers Club’s Jonathan Cornish, with Woodley’s Naomi Mitchell finishing soon after as the first woman to cross the line.

Also in the log:

  • Opening of new Wokingham cafe with Indian flair
  • Rehouse a hen and save it from slaughter
  • New Co-op stores are opening in Wokingham after a £1.1million raise creating 40 jobs.
  • Wokingham Borough Council is considering the location of a new sports ground in the area, which could be seen as a win for campaigners.
  • The Wokingham Liberal Democrats have chosen their parliamentary candidate for the next general election.
  • 3,500 runners take to the streets in the Wokingham Half Marathon

Ascot News

Bracknell News: A SCIENCE park could see a new research center built that examines animals, plants, humans and micro-organisms if Royal Borough councilors give the go-ahead.

Planners at Silwood Park Science Park in Buckhurst Road, Ascot, want to erect a three-storey ‘life science building’ with a cafe to ‘launch’ the rest of the park and ‘act as an anchor’ for the group of small adjacent buildings. renovated research units.

It is proposed to divide the 5,260 m² building into office and laboratory space to support its scientific and research professions. If the project, which has been proposed by developer NSS IV (Real Estate) LLP, is approved, it will involve the demolition of the existing business center and development on the green belt.

To meet future parking demand, the developer proposes to increase its current parking lot by 211 spaces by adding 13 additional spaces. Of the total number of bays, 45 will be equipped with charging stations for electric vehicles.

Also in the log:

  • International War Animal Remembrance Day was celebrated across the Commonwealth last Thursday (February 24).
  • Boys at an Ascot preparatory school have peaked with Yorkshire congregations this semester.
  • Jewellery, watches and cash were stolen from a house in Ascot on Wednesday last week.
  • A former Dragons’ Den TV star presented an award to an Ascot business

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