Powerball Monday’s first draw delayed by technical issue

Last Monday night was supposed to be a historic night for the Powerball lottery game across the country. Monday was supposed to be the first night of this three-cartoon-a-week multi-state game’s transition. You would think that since Powerball has been making these kinds of designs since 1992, they would have figured it out.

Well, apparently even the best-laid out plans can go astray at times. Those hoping to claim an estimated $ 293 million jackpot by 9:59 p.m. Louisiana time found themselves waiting, and waiting, and waiting a little longer.

Powerball officials said Monday’s drawing was delayed due to “technical difficulties”, they did not tell us exactly what those difficulties were, but eventually the ping-pong balls dropped and the first historic drawing of Monday’s powerball took place just before 11pm. Louisiana time.

The numbers drawn on Monday 23 August 2021 were:

17 36 47 60 61 with a Powerball of 15 and Powerplay of x3.

Obviously, the next question is has anyone made a lot of money? The answer to this question at the moment is “we don’t know”. The Louisiana Lottery Big Wins page lists the Powerball jackpot as “pending”. I can tell you from previous experience when you see a “pending” notification which usually means there was a winner.

However, due to technical issues last night, we cannot be sure if the notification was released due to a winner or some other malfunction. Ultimately, we’ll keep you posted and update the story when the information becomes available.

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Meanwhile, tonight’s Mega Millions draw, which is the other multi-state lottery game, will take place, barring a technical issue at 9:59 pm Louisiana time tonight. The estimated jackpot in this game was posted at $ 270 million. Typically, ticket sales should end an hour before the draw, so if you want to play, make sure you get your ticket before 8:59 pm tonight.

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